Pyrenees Cycling Tour

Hi team.
Has anyone done a week long cycling tour that involves loads of climbing. I’m going to ride for 8 days across the Pyrenees and I’m looking for tips on how to prepare best. I’m assuming it will be loads of SS.
I’ve read the CRR vs Century plan threads but they don’t fully answer my questions. Has anyone here done this before? Coach Chad any tips from your Dolamites trip?

When are you going?

No advice but doing something similar later this year so would be interested in hearing how you get on.

I rode there in 2011 and most of the climbs were fairly steady but long ranging from 5-10%. I would suggest lots of aerobic and sweetspot work as you can be climbing for well over an hour. Also depending on time of year its really hot which might be a consideration. Any sort of sustained power work will help and maybe a compact chainring so that you don’t build as much muscle fatigue.

Just as a side if you’re looking for somewhere to stay or guides, we stayed here and couldn’t recommend it highly enough. The location was perfect. Also make sure you stop at the little cafe at the top of the Perysourde, the crepes there are amazing.