Putting it all together - the TrainerRoad "10 Commandments"?

Hey folks - there are so many threads on this forum that get into the nitty gritty tradeoffs needed for that last 1% (or 5% or whatever) of gains - but I wanted to step back and put together what are the real big picture best practices from the “TR perspective”. Using this lens I think is useful for identifying these best practices, as for example, polarized vs SS can be discussed forever, but it’s clear which TR prefers so makes the list more straightforward.

I couldn’t find another thread like this - but if there’s a better version I’ll happily refer to that one.

Here’s my cut at the top 10 - anything people would change / add?

  1. Sweet spot is a great way to train the majority of the time.
  2. Don’t forget to “sharpen the stick” when you get close to races. (Specificity!)
  3. Focus on consistency before any “optimal” training plan.
  4. Fuel your workouts well.
  5. Carbs are crucial, no need to go overboard but they’re a key part of high performance.
  6. Get plenty of sleep.
  7. Recovery is important for getting stronger.
  8. Off the bike work is important to become a stronger healthier rider
  9. Community matters.
  10. Most of us do this for fun - always keep that in mind!

Mostly this was a good exercise for me to try to sort it all out - would love thoughts / feedback from others too!


You’re going to get a lot of hate on #5



Don’t let the dream of the perfect plan become the enemy of a really good one.

It kind of speaks to #3 above

I think they emphasize this on the podcast a lot (i.e. adapt your training to your life circumstances) but it hasn’t yet been reflected in the software.


Consistency should be #1.


That’s a pretty comprehensive list. I’d like to suggest the following are included:

  • you are NOT your FTP. It is NOT a measure of your ability as a cyclist. It’s a tool to help enable effective training.

  • not all TSS is created equal.


I think it’s a good thing to sort it out for one self. As an overarching 10 Commandments I’m afraid 10 is already too many. Several things already would need an Asterisk or some expanding upon. Others like 6., 7. and 3. are great and the fundamentals.

So in short I would put consistency first and foremost.
Then one should strive towards a total training load that elicits adaption.
If this is accompanied with a somewhat decent distribution of intensity - don’t sweat the details - that’s even better.
and already last and without anything of the aforementioned is nil: get enough rest.


Not so sure about #6 and#9.
I sleep very badly, go to bed too late etc. But it doesn’t seem to affect me. It would be easy to get paranoid about not getting enough sleep, when there are lots of more important training issues.
I don’t think so. Zwift is more about that. You don’t have to be interested in community to use and enjoy TR, whereas Zwift seems more about the group participation thing.
Otherwise a good list methinks!

Nice summary @KatuskaMTB - if this helps you and others focus on the big picture then go for it!

I’d say that #5 is part of #4, and add that ‘Fuel your workouts well’ could be adjusted to ‘Fuel your intense workouts’. :popcorn: :popcorn:

Also I see sleep as part of recovery, so that could roll #6 into #7.

This would leave room for the excellent you-are-not-your-FTP suggestion from @PusherMan,

Maybe there’s another one about the mental aspect of indoor training, or learning to listen to your body?


Don’t sweat the small stuff like missing or not having a perfect workout. Keep at it and be the best of your abilities. Remember this is for you and not anyone else like #10


I think “Decide What Priority You Want To Assign To Training, and Plan Accordingly” would be helpful, and could replace 1 or more of the items on the list. Sleep is the big one I see this could substitute for, along with consistency, and maybe community, and #10 as well even.

If you value training more than going clubbing…staying out drinking till 2am when yhou have a VO2 workout to get through at 6am is probably a bad idea.

On the flip side…if you have a group of friends that want to go play bike polo, or someone asks you to lead a mellow ride for a cycling group, but it is obvious it will not really be training per se…DO IT if you value community or fun more than just getting faster.

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Maybe add a comment about internal FTP often being lower than outer - so important to test in the training environment (fans / different PM etc) rather than using outdoor FTP?

A good fan can be the most valuable piece of equipment!


#11) When frustrated, give up on training and start weight doping on zwift.


This was my #11 - so important! For many people N+1 refers to bikes, for me it’s fans. :slight_smile:

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Train smart, ride hard, have fun! - Chad


That’s it, good luck and ride hard! @chad at the end of the Ramp Test Explanation video.

That sentence is my mantra and I finally need to get sticker for my stem.

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Consistency and sleep would be my top 2. I need to learn to sleep properly more consistently too … I can complete a training week ok, but if I’ve worked late and not slept well, I can really feel it catch up on me the next week.

#1 Thou shalt do what makes you faster shall be the whole of the law


The pillars of cycling boil down to: Ride a ton, be lean and sleep more.


Eat, Ride, Rest, Repeat.