Number 1 Tip for a n00b?

HI everyone, I’m Alex, I am in my 3rd year of serious riding (no racing in the past or on the horizon). I’ve raised my FTP from 196 to 268w over the course of 2 years with no training but just riding solo and in groups. January 1 2019 I started on my TR journey to 300w FTP that I’m hoping to achieve by the end of the plan May 22 2019. I’ve already made some mistakes, dove right into medium volume and overdid it on the weekly TSS so am stepping back to low volume for SSB2 and general build, with an extra 2 hours of recovery riding at 50-60% FTP. I have also made some healthier choices this year, totally gave up my nicottine consumption (was mostly vaping), but am still enjoying a few drinks a week, and regular THC consumption as I’ve done for the past 10 years. Here are some of my 2018 stats, I am fairly happy with everything except my 20 min power which I think was partly limited by my constant vaping.

15s: 1095w 13.8w/kg
1m: 674w 8.5w/kg
5m: 376w 4.75w/kg
20m: 276w 3.4w/kg

If you had to give me one tip for nutrition, training, etc. what would it be? What discoveries have you made in your journies that may help me? I don’t really know why I’m doing this because I’m not a racer (I think most here are) but I just want to see how far i can push myself and ride with the next level of fast locals.


Consistent training
Consistent nutrition
Consistent recovery.


I was going to tell you to not do too much, too fast…but looks like you’ve learned that one already :wink:

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Don’t take advise from strangers on the internet.:grin:

Seriously though don’t overthink it and FTP (follow the plan). Or FTFP as a favorite coach of mine says! Coach Chad has taken most of the need to overthink a plan out of the equation. I see new people just all over the place with fit, nutrition, rest techniques, equipment etc…always changing or chasing something never being consistent and allowing enough time to see how the change affects performance.


Trust your instincts and compare your gains to your prior performance.

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+1 for consistency. Follow the plan and do the workouts required. For me, its better to complete them all at a slightly lower intensity that it is to nail one day and then skip the next because you’re tired (a.k.a. consistency!).



Ride with others that are faster than you. Get your teeth kicked in.

Nothing yields as much as fast IMO


Learned this one recently (even though they advocate it on the podcast).

If your training gets derailed for more than a couple of weeks due to life/illness/injury/whatever… It’s ok to lower your FTP for a while.

You’ll get back there soon enough.

I recently realized that riding outside with friends won’t take me where I want to go, from cat-4 to winning in cat-3 CX races. So I started doing workouts prior to riding outside. That’s my advice related to “consistency”.

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Since consistency was already taken I’d go with figure out what nutrient timing works for you and your goals.

Fuel your intense workouts and get calories in immediately post workout. 200-300 calories within 20-30min helps kickstart the recovery process by switching your metabolism from catabolic (breaking down) to anabolic (building up).

+1 to consistency. We all tend to geek out on the minutiae when the best thing you can do is just complete your workouts consistently.

As said above- consistency. For people starting off especially then nearly any training plan will work. Don’t worry too much about the details but consistent training is key. The best training plan is one you stick to!

Great advice given already. Here is a nice article about the important things to consider:

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Can I offer three tips:

  1. Don’t over think things. Enjoy it.
  2. Ride with people faster than you.
  3. FTP isn’t the be all and end all.

Don’t forget to enjoy riding your bike.



Work out how many hours you realistically have to train then choose a training plan that fits, rather than choosing a training plan you think you should do, then getting frustrated because you haven’t got enough free time.

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This. Other stuff is true, but if you get to hating the bike, the rest will not matter. Keep having fun.

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This is a fantastic resource, very informative and concise in its presentation, thank you for sharing it😊


So I read this article and it kind of goes against the whole “sweet-spot” training methodology. This article advocates that 80% of training should be at Z1 (56-76% FTP) with the other 20% spent doing HIIT. Lately I’ve hit a plateau of around 3.7-3.8 w/kg and can’t seem to make gains. I’ve primarily been doing Low-Volume Base and Build plans. In addition, I‘ll get outside for a ride for a couple hrs so in total I get about 4-6 hrs of riding in per week. I don’t really have more time (or want) to commit. I’ve been trying to chip at this for the last couple years. Nutrition is good. Sleep could be better. Work is stressful but it’s kept in check. Any ideas on how to break out of this ceiling?

Would doing an hour of HIIT (102-103% FTP) with 4-5 hrs of Z1 be enough?