Putting it all together - the TrainerRoad "10 Commandments"?


I see your :popcorn: and raise you a :cut_of_meat:

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Choose the hardest workouts to take you to the darkest place of your existence. Where pain and suffering are all you can feel. You do that enough you will be successful.

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Those are GREAT additions.
You can make some room for those by combining 4 & 5 and maybe 7 & 8.

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FTP isn’t a matter of life and death…It’s more important than that :joy:

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I’m going full Biblical on this one:

  • Thou shalt take no other indoor training programs seriously
  • Honour thy Chad
  • Remember the Ramp Test day, to keep it holy
  • Thou shalt make unto thee images of Chad
  • Thou shalt not take the name of the Chad thy Coach in vain
  • Thou shalt kill (your competitors in a race)
  • Thou shalt commit adultery (ride multiple bikes)
  • Thou shalt steal (KOMs)
  • Thou shalt not bear false witness about thy true indoor FTP
  • Thou shalt covet (others’ FTPs)



Ah yes, pain is temporary. Suffering is eternal.

I think that’s how it goes. :thinking:

I thought it was ‘Pain is weakness leaving the body’.

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It’s easy really.
1 - 10: CONSISTENCY :grin:

I challenge you (friendly of course). I was in the same mindset as you. I went to bed late and didn’t really pay much attention to how much or how the quality was and I felt fine. I lost weight, got fast, raised FTP, did a 70.3 under 5 hours, and so on. But when I started getting better sleep, primarily to get more organized and be able to workout in the mornings I have felt exceptionally better, lost more weight, got faster, raised FTP even higher, recover so much easier and plan to get under 4:45 on next 70.3 race if they ever happen. My body learned to adapt as well as it could on limited and sporadic sleep, but when I changed that it improved tremendously. Just b/c you don’t perceive an issue doesn’t mean there isn’t one. I’m sure you can get along just fine with what you’re doing, but if you want next level adding that sleep component is critical.


Wait, we are supposed to make Chad idols and portraits? Guess I better get sculpting…

Yes, you’re right about that. I ve always been a night person but useless in the morning , and grumpy with it ,till I’ve had coffee and breakfast. Today while doing Carson I was listening to a TR podcast all about sleep.
Think I m going to make a big effort now, and I’ll eat my words, and carbs :grinning::rofl::rofl:, and got it wrong​:thinking::thinking::grinning:

Absolutely. I’ve been fairly successful as a runner and improved pretty quickly since starting triathlon, but not working and studying from home for the last couple of months has shown me the impact of improved sleep and nutrition on everything from my performance to the training load that I can sustain.
Realistically there’s always going to have to be some compromises balancing training with the rest of your life, but I think there’s certainly room for us all to improve in that respect.
Also, sleeping is by far one of the more pleasant ways to become a better athlete :wink:

I’d add, “Reward yourself for smashing goals/targets”.

Rewards include new bikes, new bikes and new bikes.