Push inside workout to Elemnt

Feature request.

Do you plan to allow to push inside workouts to Wahoo Elemnt device ?
I know I can push outside workout to my Elemnt, but it’s not the feature I need.

I want to push my inside workout to performed them inside on my wahoo device.
My android cell has not a reliable connection and I experience many many dropouts.
I would like to push my workout, for example Disaster, to my device in order to allow my Elemnt to drive my Tacx Neo. In this case Disaster doesn’t have an outside version (anyway I want inside version of my inside training session).

Thank you for your continuous improvement !


Since most workouts do have an outdoor version you can just push those. For the one’s that don’t you could always build a copy of it elsewhere and push it to Wahoo that way.

We are working on creating exact 1:1 outdoor versions for all TR workouts, but as you’ve noticed, we’re not done quite yet. This is a task our Support Team has been working on, but in the winter we get a lot more tickets, so it has taken a back seat for now.

So sadly, your best bet will be to either run it on your phone, or create the workout in a third-party app that is able to push to your Wahoo head unit.


I noticed lots of them have pretty similar outdoor version. Do you mean even those with pretty similar outside version will have exact 1:1 outdoor version ?

Our ultimate goal is for every workout to have an outdoor version that is exactly the same. Same name, same warmup, same intervals, etc. :+1:.


Personally I’d like to push indoor workouts to my Wahoo BOLT, not the outdoor equivalent.

Because I ride rollers with “dumb” resistance, IOW I manually match target powers by changing gear/cadence (no erg mode). I usually just follow TR on my Android phone next to me, but yesterday I decided to push Kennedy Peak to my BOLT.

It was my first time using “outdoor” workouts and the BOLT’s planned workout feature and was really happy with it! Provided all the info I needed to do my workout right from my handlebars. The LEDs tell me where I am within my power target and it even has a fun little 5-second countdown before each power change.

I was so impressed, that now I want to use it for ALL my indoor workouts. It would both simplify my workout experience and save my phone battery (I have a Pixel 3 and ANT+ power meter so need to use the ANT+ dongle which is a battery drainer).

Today I was scheduled for Maclure, but noticed it changes to Warbonnet when “Outside” is selected, a less structured version of Maclure. :frowning:

So I’d like to push my all my indoor workouts to my BOLT, with all their detail and glory. That way I could just ditch my phone and use the BOLT as my workout guide…the only thing I’d “miss” is Coach Chad’s instructional text. :wink:

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Once we have one-to-one outdoor verisons of each of the indoor workouts, this will be possible :+1:.

If you are doing workouts scheduled in any of our Training Plans, they should already push the exact indoor interval structure to your head unit.

Only the workouts that are not associated to a TR training plan that have a one-to-many relationship.

Now I’m confused. :thinking:

Maclure (link) is in Traditional Base High Volume II. It has alternating 70%/60% segments of about 25m each. There’s no Push to Wahoo button on that workout.

When I click Outside, then the workout changes to Warbonnet which doesn’t have the 25m segments/intervals, just one long 160m segment.

How can I push Maclure to my Wahoo head unit?

Hey Bikr,

I’m sorry for the confusion, I left out one important detail.

We have 1:1 outdoor versions of all training plan associated rides except endurance workouts. For endurance workotus, we have one to many relationships since the slight variations are harder to replicate outside, and they do not have a significant impact on the objective of the workout.

What this means is that, at the moment, it is not possible to complete the exact Maclure workout using your head unit, only an equivalent substitute.


That makes sense. Thanks for the clarification! :+1:

I realize I’m probably a corner-case but I just want to use my BOLT instead of my phone while riding my rollers. The ability to push inside rides to Wahoo would simplify things for me.


Hi Bryce,

I am supporting this inquiry very much! I would much prefer my Bolt to replicate the workouts and show me all the data indoors than to use my smartphone.

So even endurance rides should be possible to push to the Wahoo as indoor versions and not only the longer, much longer outside version, sometimes 2h become almost 4h…

Any chance this is possible especially for the Z2 rides?

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Hi there! Im the new ‘Bryce’ lol.

This is not on our roadmap for the time being. If there’s something keeping you in the way of wanting to use your mobile or tablet/desktop for indoor workouts (such as device connectivity issues), we definitely recommend reaching out to the support team so they can look at your internal ride log and help identify the source of any dropouts specific to your device. They’re troubleshooting pros! You can email them at support@trainerroad.com and they’ll gladly help.