PSA: Opening MacOS app prior to calendar update may change your FTP

TLDR: Check your FTP on the TR web site after you install the calendar update for MacOS.

Hi folks,

I have noticed some strange behaviour with the MacOS app. It set my FTP to an old value when I opened it so that I could install the calendar update. I had to manually set my FTP to my most recent value.

This happened to me twice, and I’m somewhat certain it may have altered my body weight too.


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Have you reported this issue to

Sounds like it should be reviewed by them.

I have! Just letting people know as I unknowingly did one of my workouts at an old (lower) value.

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This brings up a good point, and a Feature Request from me.

I’d like to have a display showing the FTP setting for the workout. I have had similar concerns about having the wrong one on some workouts.

Additionally, it would be cool to see that FTP value update when the Workout Intensity is adjusted (multiply the FTP by the WI).

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Is there a way of checking what FTP was used for a particular workout? I’ve had a couple of really difficult workouts and my inclination so far has been an equipment problem, particularly power match, but if the FTP is wrong, that might explain things equally as well.

It normally shows in the workout graph, at the right side IIRC. But there may be a bug right now that isn’t showing it.

So, open the workout, click the 3 dots at the bottom right of the graph and data, click edit, and you will see the FTP there.

Saw something similar a week or so back - I was told that sometimes the change doesn’t always carry through so am always careful to check now. Hopefully they’ll iron it out

Whilst the FTP issue seems to have been resolved, I’ve noticed that when I update my weight on the website it still gets overwritten by the previous weight if I then use the Mac app.

I get this as well. Is there a hierarchy for which device/os is master? I don’t mind setting my weight in only one place but it keeps jumping back to an old weight.

I’m sharing this with our test team to look into, I’ll report back :slight_smile:

Update: This is an issue in our Backlog that we intend to fix in the App Re-Design that we are working on currently :slight_smile:

I saw this and thought I’d caused it as I’d manually changed my ftp on the website after finding I could complete two vo2max workouts in a row with workout at 105% (I’d also just dropped my ftp after my last test so wasn’t 100% sure it was correct).
I assumed I’d opened app and started a workout before it had synchronised the new ftp but when I looked into it it did appear that it had been reset to previous value. I just deleted the latest wrong value, sorry never thought of reporting due to thinking I was at fault.

I did some tests in conjunction with support. Turned out that it worked if I updated on the web using Chrome but not Safari. The support guy couldn’t replicate with Safari so we just agreed that I would use Chrome.

D’oh. Wish I’d seen this earlier. I see I have performed my two workouts this week at an older and lower value.

Now I feel like a sham – even more so that I found them difficult! :stuck_out_tongue:

I see this is still happening. Did a ramp test on Tuesday on the Mac app. Did a workout on Wednesday on the android app and I see that on Wednesday the android app updated my records with my old FTP. I had to go and change it manually on both the website and the android app.

Wasn’t paying attention on Wednesday so didnt notice the FTP was incorrect at the time

Yeah, this just happened to me again; the second time in about a year.

I changed my FTP on Jan 4 via the web app and then trained against it just fine using the Android for about a week. Then on Jan 11, my FTP reverted back to the old value but I didn’t notice until today! :man_facepalming:

I did launch TR for Windows around that day. I don’t really use the Windows app; I was just updating that computer as I keep it around as a backup machine.

When syncing on a “new” platform, the sync engine should just read the FTP’s last-modified date/time and use whichever is newest.