Protein before sleep - good or bad?

There is a sigma nutrition podcast from a couple of years ago with a researcher who compared whey to casein before sleep, and found no difference in the absorption. I believe casein can cause more issues for some people than others. No discernible difference for me.

Personally, I’ve been flipping between “milk protein” and Protein Blends most of the year as Whey has gone up so much in price. Can’t say I’ve noticed any difference in how I feel. The milk protein doesn’t mix as well with yogurt though. Next order on the way (whey?) is Whey (the best offer available - ltd edition random flavours!).

My formed opinion is that they type of protein doesn’t really matter (unless you’re getting into the likes of collagen). Days I get enough from general diet (which is admittedly rare) I don’t supplement at all. I’m not claiming to have anything to back that up scientifically though!

Definitely good. Our blood sugar levels change throughout the night. But if eat high-protein, low-fat snack before sleep it’ll stabilize blood sugar level, which is especially important for diabetics. My sister is type 2 diabetic, she takes meds to control her blood sugar level (I’ve recently found an ozempic coupon for her, maybe someone else needs it). So I understand how important is a correct diet.

Evidence? Not what the CGM are finding.

The latest Proof podcast with Simon Hill explores Protein and this topic. Came out yesterday - it is again with Don Layman.

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If there is protein in bananas, then I eat them every time before going to bed :sweat_smile:. And at first there is nothing wrong with this, I am now on a banana diet ANDI Score: What It Is And How To Use It - BetterMe often eat cottage cheese with bananas in the evening. Everything is good!

cottage cheese and blueberries for a mid-morning snack, milk before bed!