Proposal for new app icon on Mac

Hello everyone! Since the release of BigSur for macs the app icon style of Apple default apps is changed. I thought about try to give TrainerRoad a fresher style on this new style. Here is my idea, I edited the official Icon, importing it in a design editor and then making a icns file that you can use by opening all apps, looking for TrainerRoad then opening info (cmd+i) then you can drag the icon file over the existing one on the left of the name.

To undo that just click on it and press del, it will restore the official one.

With this I don’t want to make profits or use in wrong way the copyrighted logo of TrainerRoad. Hope that with this icon fits better in dock by side of other apps.

ps. since its not possible to attach icns I will upload it as png, I think for better result you should convert it into icns (like with

EDIT: In order to use png you have to open the image with then select all (cmd+A) copy (cmd+C), open infos of TrainerRoad from application folder and after clicking on the icon paste it (cmd+V).


Nice! :heart_eyes:

And for other OCD folks like myself, here’s a website with a bunch of Big Sur (squarified) icons for popular apps:

Thanks for this!

Good news! I have an update that an issue has been written up by the development team to improve the mac icon size.
The team will start working on this for a future app release. :sunglasses:


Thanks Ivy!

I’m getting tired of dragging this icon into the app info every time the app is updated. :joy:

However… I love that the app is updated all the time!

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