PSA for Mac Users: Workout Creator Doesn't Like Big Sur - Now with Link to New Version that Fixes this Issue

PSA for Mac user who use workout creator: don’t upgrade to Big Sur. Workout creator requires Adobe Air, and Adobe Air isn’t really compatible with Big Sur. I found this out the hard way. I upgrade to Big Sur, and I just tried to run Workout Creator. After a while, it did show me my custom workouts, but none of the buttons (e.g., Clone workout, etc.).

Here’s hoping that this pushes TR to finally create a modern workout creator.

[Edit] Great job by TrainerRoad team: there is already a fixed version, available here


Ha, I haven’t even been able to get Workout Creator to work on my machine with Catalina on it. I keep getting an error message related to Adobe Air. I gave up awhile ago trying to figure out what was going on.

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Flash is end of lifed. Air is based on flash. TR has to update their software to not be based on ancient tools.

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Workout Creator has been fine for me on Catalina, so this is just another reason to wait for the update. I always give Mac’s new OS a couple months because there are always bugs and issues with apps.

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They aren’t going to ‘fix’ flash. It’s dead.

Totally agree with everyone. Or if TR is not going to update Workout Creator, it should publish the spec for how Workout Creator talks to the TR backend, and the workout file format, so that people / other apps (e.g., Golden Cheetah) could create workouts for TR.

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Thanks for the heads-up!! I rely on Workout Creator heavily since I’m on a non-TR plan. Updated the OS to Catalina recently with no ill-effects, but I would’ve been tempted to try Big Sur. I won’t anytime soon!

It seems to work for me. I have a mid-2015 15-inch Macbook Pro.

Hmm, on Catalina it crashes every 10 minutes for me. So I may take my chances?!

It didn’t work for me on the Beta releases, but it is working on the GM release.

@runriderandi, it crashed frequently on Catalina for me, too. I haven’t used it enough on Big Sur to see if it is more reliable.

I’ve got most of my workouts made, so I may not be bothered to even test it as well

yeah, it’s not the most robust or usable piece of software. I also learned to not hit “Del” when importing a workout and the “name of workout” comes up, even though the name is highlighted. It deletes sections of the workout instead. I learned to hit “OK” and then rename it later.

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That finally explains why parts of my workouts are missing! Thanks!!

Great job by TrainerRoad team: there is already a fixed version, available here

Besides posting here, I filed a support ticket this morning, and Kevin G. on the support team got back to me with the link above.

Before installing the new version, you need to completely uninstall the old version. At which point the first time you launch Workout Creator, you will need to log into your TR account, and Workout Creator will need to pull down all of your old workouts - so do this before you want to use Workout Creator


Glad Kevin was able to help out and get you the updated download link.

We just ran through to double check all other download locations were updated too.

Happy training!