Android icons are the same for app and forum

I’ve noticed that in android (or my android at least) that the app icon for the forum and the app are identical with identical names it can be a bit confusing, has anyone else noticed this. Shouldn’t the forum app name be different such as ‘Trainerroad Forum’ ?


Just move it to the bottom of your screen/ have it on a separate page to the actual TR Icon. Or place it in a folder with other forum icons. That’s what I do anyways.

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Ditto. I have a “workout” location with TR, Strava, Zwift and all my related apps.

The forum icon is with my media stuff like Facebook, Messenger and such.

You can edit the name at the bottom of the logo.

Addendum, scrap that, I can’t, its not a true app just save a bookmark to my screen from the web browser I use, which in turn does not let me edit the name.

I’ve gone with puting them in different folders as suggested which I didn’t really think about before as I typically went into the app drawer to access the forum. Also the ‘TrainerRoad App’ app comes first and the ‘TrainerRoad Forum’ app is second so as long as I rememeber that I’ll be fine.

Still think they should have different names though :wink:


Yeah, agreed. My biggest issue here is when they’re on the frequently used bar, and the name of the app is cut off so they look identical. It’d be nice if there were some minor difference to distinguish them

Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention @moomaunder.

I have shared this with our Design Team, and they will be taking a look to see what we can do to differentiate the two apps :+1:.