How TR helped me achieve 600km in 5 days. Thank you TR!

Hello everyone,

This post is just to acknowledge how amazing this software is compared to others that i subscribed to before. Its the well structured plans that kept me here.

Anyway, a week ago my cycling group decided to cycle from our hometown to another town which was about 400ish KM and participate in L’etape Race 140km.

i was basically on the rolling road race program. To be honest i was more scared of the 3 days tour to the venue instead of the race day itself (because wasnt chasing for podium).

Day 1 - 165km, 1000m elevation, 34kmh average
Day 2 - 152km, 600m elevation 33kmh average
Day 3 - 140km, 1000m elevation (this route was 95% rolling, YIKES) 34kmh average
Day 4 - Coffee Ride - 40km
Day 5 - 140km 800m elevation (race day) 33kmh average

i survived! Thanks again TR and community!

Throwback: 1.5 years ago FTP: 160 progressed slowly. This morning with ai detection my ftp 230 went up to 237. YEAY! my aim is to be lose another 4kg(84kg right now) and hit 240.