Are progression levels all supposed to reset to 1.0 after FTP test?

I did a ramp test with a nice 16W increase in FTP (am on a comeback after lay off due to serious injuries so ramping back up quickly). Was surprised to see all my progression levels reset to 1.0. Is that as expected? Am concerned workouts gonna be a bit too easy for a while.

There is supposed to be some reduction in PL’s, but not necessarily a full drop to 1.0. However, that depends a lot on your prior PL and potentially the change in your FTP.

When in doubt, an email to is a good idea.


It was a biggish increase in FTP and the levels were not that high (3‐4 mostly) so maybe large decrease is fine. There were lots of resulting adaptions to next set of workouts. I’ll see how it all plays out for a week or two.


i’ve done two ramps after moving into AT

1st was day one of AT - everything was at 1.0
2nd was a couple weeks ago, had a similar FTP gain, all reset to 1.0

workouts after 2nd seemed achievable (hard). I used to do a ramp and all the following workout for the next week were terrible.


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An increase of 16w is a big jump–nice work! After that magnitude of FTP increase, there will be a substantial downward adjustment of your progression levels to make sure you can comfortably ease into training at your new FTP. If your levels were fairly low to begin with, I’d say 1.0 across the board is expected behavior in this case. If your initial workouts at these levels are too easy, AT will very quickly adjust things upwards to keep you on track.


After sitting relatively comfortably (well in a sweet spot anyway). I manually scaled my FTP to it which gave a 12w bump (I rounded it down to 10w). After that relatively significant jump my PLs were reset to mostly 1.0’s and a 2.5. I think it would be normal for them all to be 1.0’s with a even more significant 16w jump :muscle:

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Thx. Makes sense. +16W is nice but was relatively easy to achieve after a month or so of virtually no activity due to smashing myself up good and proper in a TT crash. Maybe another couple of months to get back to pre-injury levels then I’ll reach that plateau and be happy with every Watt increase!