Progression levels too aggressive?

Last week was a taper week. I felt well rested when I did Pierce -3 yesterday, but it was still very challenging. I was quite happy to have completed it successfully. That resulted in my VO2 Max progression level going from 3.0 to 4.6. Tomorrow I’m scheduled to do Gendarme +2 (a VO2 Max 4.6 workout). I have serious concerns about being able to handle a 4.6 two days after a very difficult workout, when I had difficulty with 3.0 when well rested.

How is the progress level calculated? I rated the workout yesterday as very hard (or very difficult, I don’t quite remember the language on the survey). If the ride was very easy, I could see knocking the progress level by that much, but it’s doesn’t seem to add up when the workout was that difficult.

This level of question is best directed to There are more factors at play here and we don’t have enough info on the outside to offer much help or more specific info.

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If I understand correctly, it’s giving you a workout of the same* type at the same difficulty level with 48hrs rest.

Sounds roughly OK to me.

*not quite, though. They’re different forms of VO2 max work, and so might well be progressed separately.

If you still don’t fancy it, maybe push it back a day or choose a slightly easier workout of the same type.

If you rate a 3.0 workout as very hard, most likely your FTP is set too high. Especially coming from a taper week.
Pierce -3 really shouldn’t be that hard. Did you recover during the short under intervals?

I think they’ve misunderstood the way PLs work.

Both workouts mentioned are 4.6. That’s why their PL went up to 4.6 after doing Pierce -3.

3.0 is where their VO2 PL was before doing Pierce -3.


Thank you. And I see Gendarme +2 is for 60 minutes, and Pierce -3 is for 75 minutes. So Gendarme +2 should be bit easier, not harder.


fwiw I’ve also been a bit freaked by the jump in progression and workout level/ proposed adaptations after marking workouts “Very Hard”. However, in my experience I have managed to complete the next workout, albeit with another “Very Hard” score. I’m running with trusting the process, and being honest if it really was “all out” or I get the fail survey.

I was able to complete Gendarme +2 without too much trouble. I still graded to “Very Hard”, but I found less hard than Pierce -3 on Tuesday.

Sadly about an hour after the workout a got a charlie horse in my left calf, but that’s another issue altogether.


What’s a charlie horse? is it an injury you get from spending too much time in a chaingang?

A charlie horse is a muscle spasm. Often happens after vigorous exercise when the muscle is slack. It’s quite painful. I get them in left calf from time to time, the trick is put weight on it and stretch out the muscle.

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Thankyou John