What would a custom VO2 max progression look like?

Starting into my IM MD training block in 2 weeks, and I would like to start on a vo2 max progression to get me started. I am thinking of 3-4 weeks with 3 vo2 workouts per week.

Would you increase interval duration inside each week or change total work per workout within the week?

Are you trying the TR build programs or you are trying to do your own thing?

Well, I did a 5 week progression of 2 workouts a week (see link below). I started with Bluebell week 1, and built up to 3min intervals at 120 on week 5. I found it helped me regain some lost FTP (10w for the block), and definitely helped with getting more comfortable with those hard 3min efforts

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Using TR workouts or build my own TR workouts.

I guess I should give some background on myself a little better.
I have come off my own training plan using a mix of TR workouts and my own. What Ive done is base my plan on the standard plans but adding in my own customizations. I started with a high end SS progression ending at a 4x30 @ 92% workout then into time at threshold progression to prepare for now cancelled Eagleman this saturday.
Still following a taper into a big ride this Saturday trying to take a few big KOMs.

So I am not looking at using the Ironman plans as is. More or less looking to kickstart some vo2 max work as I really only have done maybe 3 weeks of it in the last year.

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Fair enough. In that case i got nothing.
I like when other people do the work for me. I am lazy like that. I just like to follow a book, spreadsheet or online calendar. Now, I just do a few clicks and TR puts everything on a calendar for me to follow. Will see how it works out this time.

There is also a dedicated IM thread around. Maybe you can find good recommendations there.

Best of luck!


So you did the same workout twice per week? Wonder if that still fits in with progressive overload.
But I guess if it worked for you then it worked.

I’m the type of rider who has a lot of trouble with 3min @120. When working thru some of the Olympic build plan, it took me until the last week to complete the full workout without failure/adjustment

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Progression is going well and kicking my butt! (in a good way)

Will be completing Shortoff +4 today. After that is 2 more workouts in the block
Originally planning on Ansel Adams +1 and then +3, but I’m starting to wonder if that is a good progression from Shortoff +4 or not.

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I wouldn’t consider going from 3min intervals down to 50/40’s as a natural progression. What’s your thinking there?

Why not go up to 4min intervals? Something like the Pisgah series of workouts would do that.

Original thought was that I would extend TiZ but the rests seem too long to stay up in the vo2 zone.

I was wondering if going longer than 3 min would have diminishing returns or not. I remember a podcast talking about it but don’t recall the specifics.
Those Pisgah ones could work at 115%, I just know for a fact I absolutely could not do 120% for 4 min and keep it repeatable.

No, you’ll just be in zone that much longer. It can take around 1-minute to get up to true vO2max. So a 4-minute interval is probably yielding 3 min of time at vO2max. If you want to expedite that, sprint for the first 15 seconds of the interval.

As far as repeatability at 120%, don’t worry about that. It’s about staying at a wattage that will keep you at ~95% vO2max. I try to aim for a heart rate of around 90-93% of HRmax. Sometimes this can be achieved at 115%, sometimes higher.