Progression Levels Reset

Is there anyway to reset progression levels?

Reset to what exactly, 1.0?

There is no user reset that I know of specifically. PL’s do adjust downward when FTP changes, so that is one method to alter them, but it’s not a reset.

Might be best to email for help.


Yes I want to reset it down 0. I am starting a new training regime and want to have a clean data.
I will try lowering FTP and see. Otherwise, will drop an email to support.

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There’s a ‘reset career’ option in your account but I’ve no idea to what extent it resets and I think the lowest PL’s will reset to is 1.0.

to reset them, instead decrease FTP , we need to increase it.

It clears up all TSS and PR data. Nothing to do with PL’s


Do NOT use that career reset for this purpose. It’s a NUKE bomb that is likely not at all the goal here.

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FTP set to 500 and done.


But I also reset that for my purpose. No more history, all clean page :slight_smile:

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But when I put my FTP back, it resets PLs again… Not working :frowning:

email support

I would love to have a better understanding of your objectives with, or goal of, getting ‘clean’ data. It’ll help us as a team either help with a solution thats already in place, or learn what you’re looking for to see if it belongs on the roadmap as a feature request.

Thanks for letting me know!


@IvyAudrain I don’t see where this person responded to your question. I am considering doing the same or something close to what he is asking (I think). I plan on taking some down time and at the beginning of the new year start up again. I plan on manually lowering my FTP and I would like to have all my levels reset to one like I am brand new to TR.

I have been trying to get my levels down to 1 by failing all my workouts in the responses, and saying the intensity is too high, but there are a couple that I can’t seem to get down to 1. Plus failing my workouts is taking a long time to get them down. Also, I haven’t lowered my FTP yet and I’m afraid when I do that some of the levels will go up because of the lower FTP.

I’m sure this doesn’t make sense to you or others but this is what I would like to do.


I didn’t see a response to that one either, I would love to gain some understanding of the preference to reset all your Progression Levels to 1.0.

Like @mcneese.chad advised, a ‘Career Reset’ is one way to do this, but really does erase all your work. For your purpose of wanting to ‘have all your levels reset like you’re new to TrainerRoad’, that would be the way.

I do not recommend reverse-engineering PL decreases by intentionally failing or entering failing responses in your workout surveys.

Can you share some insight as to why you’d like your PL’s to be at 1.0 going into your next training block?
I want to see if there’s help or advice we can provide to speak to what you are looking for.

I recently changed PLs to 1, I have to do that when switching from outdoor to indoor riding for the winter since I use completely different equipment indoor that reads about 30w different. The indoor reads 30w lower for the same effort so if I didn’t change FTP and PLs, all the workouts are impossibly hard. I had to email support of course to do it. Would be nice to have a feature to reset PLs only, could be buried somewhere in the settings to limit novice users from getting to it. The delta on equipment is annoying to deal with anytime of year, but that has its own feature request already for some method to deal with multiple ftp settings. I mainly avoid the issue by trying to split my year cleanly between indoor and outdoor riding so I only need to deal with the change twice a year. We did used to be able to increase and decrease FTP manually to reset the levels, but at some point there was a change that decreasing FTP causes PLs to increase so that no longer works.

Basically I want to start from scratch, but I don’t want to erase ALL the history on my calendar.

If I can use an example, it’s like when I weight lift at the gym. I write down all my workouts. Weight, sets, reps, etc, so I know when to add reps and or weight. But when I take off for a little bit and then go back to the gym, I start out with just the bar. I work on my form and getting used to lifting again. Then I start adding weight and working my way back up. I don’t go back in and slam a bunch of weight on the bar.

However, I still have all my history from previous years written down, so I can go back and look at where I was previously and compare to where I’m at today.

I know you’re going to tell me that AI is supposed to take care of all that, and it will, once I get started,

Are you setting up a training plan and want to start at PL1? Are you using train now?

If not… can’t you just choose your own workout in the level one range and ignore the PL’s?

I’ve been using TR for a number of years now. I just want a reset.

Hey @ldskater, I’ll jump in here for Ivy while she is out today :slight_smile: .

The equivalent of this is reevaluating your FTP which accurately reflects your reduced fitness after a break. If your FTP changes after using AI FTP detection or by doing the Ramp test, your Progression Levels will adjust to an appropriate starting point in relation to where your fitness is at now. And now with AI FTP detection, you can completely avoid the Ramp test!! :tada: You can learn more here: How to Use AI FTP Detection.

This is the job of a periodised Training Plan built with Plan Builder! :grin: You will start your Training Plan in base phase. The purpose of base training is to establish a foundation of fitness that will allow cyclists to build towards their physiological potential for a goal event, in the same way you do for your weight training.

Let me know if you have any questions about this. DM’s are always open too!

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Not exactly the same question but I have the following scenario:

After taking it easier in Oct, in Nov last year I did a SSB block (all PLs started on 1 as you would expect), I was impressed with how the AT gradually worked up my training in this case, initially the workouts felt quite easy and it took probably 2-3 weeks to settle at a “comfortably difficult” level. I then got ill for several weeks leading up to Xmas, for then once recovered for first few weeks have been working on a specific weakness using another platform whilst managing to get a fair amount of outdoor riding in for the time of year (weather has been kind).

I was now hoping to push ahead on TR with either SSB2 / sustained power build, however my progression levels have dropped right down to close to 1 in most cases as the system doesnt account for non-TR rides. For example the first threshold workout is Auburn, whereas I would be good starting on something like Reinstein. I have a 3 week block before a holiday and dont want to spent the first 2 weeks doing easier rides and marking them “easy” to let the system adapt. If I just pick alternates (and succeed on them) will that bump up the PLs more rapidly?