Progression Levels Reset

Is there anyway to reset progression levels?

Reset to what exactly, 1.0?

There is no user reset that I know of specifically. PL’s do adjust downward when FTP changes, so that is one method to alter them, but it’s not a reset.

Might be best to email for help.


Yes I want to reset it down 0. I am starting a new training regime and want to have a clean data.
I will try lowering FTP and see. Otherwise, will drop an email to support.

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There’s a ‘reset career’ option in your account but I’ve no idea to what extent it resets and I think the lowest PL’s will reset to is 1.0.

to reset them, instead decrease FTP , we need to increase it.

It clears up all TSS and PR data. Nothing to do with PL’s


Do NOT use that career reset for this purpose. It’s a NUKE bomb that is likely not at all the goal here.

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FTP set to 500 and done.


But I also reset that for my purpose. No more history, all clean page :slight_smile:

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But when I put my FTP back, it resets PLs again… Not working :frowning:

email support

I would love to have a better understanding of your objectives with, or goal of, getting ‘clean’ data. It’ll help us as a team either help with a solution thats already in place, or learn what you’re looking for to see if it belongs on the roadmap as a feature request.

Thanks for letting me know!

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