Progression Levels Messed Up

I submitted a ticket to TR and am awaiting a response, but as an FYI:

  • I am seeing dynamic and odd PL’s changing in my Career page. Viewing on a Chrome web, I get a new set of PL’s just about every time I refresh the page. Something is very off now vs just earlier this morning, for me at least.

  • I will report back once I get something from TR.


Hopefully is a bug related to WLV2 or something :pray:t2:

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I wish.

It does seem to have reset and stabilized as of now, but still want to see what TR says about the flux. It was offering adaptations with all the changes, and could possibly have nerfed my plan if I had viewed and accepted what it offered in the chaos.

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Hey @mcneese.chad, thanks for reaching out! We just sent a follow-up to your message via support, but I wanted to connect on here as well to ensure all is clear.

This was, in a way, a case of the wrong place at the wrong time. We noticed that you deleted an FTP change from back in 2020, which prompted a preprocessing of sorts. Then you opened up your career page midway through this process, which is why things looked off but then quickly settled back to normal.

Things are looking better now!


OK, I got an answer back from support. (who replied here while I was writing this :wink: )

  • Related to a separate bug I pointed out to them recently, I was deleting some duplicate FTP entries that TR added by mistake to my FTP History. Turns out that this deletion action can trigger an evaluation of the PL’s with my TR career. I nuked roughly a dozen “extra” FTP entries that were the same value on a different day.

  • So, this all settled down after the background processes all finished. The final numbers returned to what they were before I performed the deletions.