Progression levels help

Completed the grueling Frissel -2 today. 4 x 9 mins @276 watts…just below threshold.

After it finished and I clicked on “very hard” in the after workout survey it said progression +0.2. Then it adapted a few workouts up a little. But when I click on that workout it says progression + 0.0, and my threshold progression levels in the career section haven’t changed. How can it adapt some workouts up, and tell me I’ve progressed 0.2, but then show zero in the workout?

AND, one of the pending adaptations was the workout I’d just done. It tried to adapt it to an outdoor workout. Clicked accept and it showed two workouts completed for today…frissel - 2 and the outisde one it adapted to.

Am I missing something or is this a bug?

Might be a good one to send to so they can review it.