Progression level went up even though I didn’t do thenworkout

Last Tuesday I was scheduled for Leavitt +3.
I skipped it to do my own ride. My ride isn’t associated with the workout but my levels still went up to sweet spot 9.5.

How can I get my levels back to where it should be?

Contact support

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Are you 100% positive it’s NOT associated? I’ve seen instances in the past where my outdoor ride has been AUTOMATICALLY associated to a ride of the same/similar duration when my intention was to NOT associate it.

If so, I would 2nd the suggestion to contact

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Hey there – I just took a look at your account and it seems like your Sweet Spot level is at 7.9 instead of 9.5. Does that sound correct to you?

If not, let me know! We can get it set back to where it was previously for you.

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Hmm I did delete the workout before posting here and it didn’t update so maybe it took a while.

Thank you for replying and checking!