Accidental ride association with workout bumped my progression levels, is there a way back down? [Resolved ✅]

I had a workout scheduled for outdoors (Sugarloaf+4), which however I didn’t do. Instead I recorded a tiny 8-minute commute, which TrainerRoad automatically associated with the workout and bumped my progression levels. It just so unluckily happened to be a breakthrough workout, bumping me from Threshold 2.3 to 4.1.

Even though I later manually unassociated the ride from workout, TrainerRoad still thinks I have progressed to Threshold 4.1 and has marked all upcoming Threshold <= 4.1 workouts as Achievable. Similarly this same uncompleted workout is now marked as Achievable.

I wonder whether there’s a way back down? Perhaps when I fail that next Threshold 4.1 session, my progression levels get downgraded?

You could try re-associating so you can access the survey and mark it as ‘I did not pass’ .

Just reach out directly to the support team at They can quickly fix this for you.

pick another workout - a short 15 min recovery and associate with that. I did that yesterday - went to do a ride with a higher PL but due to terrain and my riding partner I ended up with a lower IF ride. I was able to add a more appropriate ride to the calendar and associating the ride with that one. My PL went back down.

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TrainerRoad Workouts - ‘Scotty’


Touche! :clap::clap: well played!

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pick another workout - a short 15 min recovery and associate with that.

Good idea, didn’t work though for me. Perhaps because this workout is already in the previous week now.

Looks like AT finally kicked in. After I completed a Sweet-Spot workout today I saw my Threshold level gone back down. Nice to see Adaptive Training doing its work.

All good now :slight_smile:


This has happened to me a lot lately. I commute each day (35+45 minutes), and most of the time one of these seems to link if I have an outside wo that day. Maybe it’s a bit eager to link? Like yesterday I had a 90 min threshold scheduled. And I even waited until just before I was planning on doing it to change it to “outside”. But then it linked with my commute home… Removed the link, it then linked with my morning commute (35 minutes). My commutes are without power, but I do my wo’s with a power meter. So there is really no resemblance…

Due to issues with my di2 I had to cancel my outdoor wo yesterday, and change it to a shorter indoor wo for today. Well, since my PLs had adjusted it was a bit more messy to find alternates.

All in all I really don’t see the need for automatic linking (what seems like) any outdoor ride with the scheduled wo. Due to AT you need to enter the response after doing the wo regardless. So I would suggest it’s either promped when replying to the survey, or you simply do it manually in the same workflow as completing the survey.

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It seems like a quick and simple improvement would be to auto-link only when the activity length >= scheduled workout length. This should eliminate the majority of silly auto-linking situations, like linking a five-minute commute with a hour-long threshold workout.

Additionally there could be a switch to turn the auto-linking functionality off to benefit all those with regular long commutes which would be hard to automatically distinguish from workouts.

For me the auto-linking works really well most of the time. Likely because I rarely bother logging my short commutes.

we’ve prioritized making sure workouts do associate in as many cases as possible, and want to ensure people are getting credit for the work they are doing in all cases. We are hearing, though, that this is resulting in accidental association in some cases, so we’re looking at possibilities for a better way to prevent unintended associations moving forward.

Additionally, we wrote up a bug report for the issue of Progression Levels not re-adjusting after un-association, so I’ll provide an update here when the fix is live for that!


That’s awesome! Thanks Ivy.

Did you consider adding the option of simply being able to flag a workout to be ignored by the progression level calc? This would also handle the issue of custom workouts with inaccurate levels throwing the calculation off.

The solution you’ve proposed to introduce manual flag functionality is a logical fix, but there’s risk of it being used incorrectly and potentially adversely affecting athletes’ adaptations. Generally speaking, we like to stay away from temporary solutions if we already have a permanent solution in the queue, especially if that solution poses asymmetric risk. We’re working on a longer-term fix instead that dovetails with Workout Levels V2, and our team is focused on that. :thumbsup:

Hey everyone! I want to provide an update here that the fix for this has been released, so disassociating an outside workout from a planned TR workout will now return your progression levels to what they were before the ride associating.
If you see any lingering issues related to this, let us know!