Progression: Adaptive SSBLV Base1 Results

I’m new to TR and when I saw adaptive land, I signed up for a full year. I completed my Ramp Test after doing Adaptive SSBLV Base1:

FTP: 175w —> 188w

Really encouraged by my progress so far. I feel stronger and have seen improvements not just in my riding but also in my running. Thanks to helpful feedback in this forum, I cut back on my running while working through the SSBLV1. Even so, I’ve seen steady progress in my running ability.

Adaptive has been helpful to me because sometimes I have had to cut back or substitute a workout due to time constraints or when I got a cramp in the middle of a ride. That is kind of a funny weird experience getting a cramp with your shoes clipped in and realizing you just have to stop. What enjoy best is that TR’s adaptive training works with me day to day.

I’m using a Kickr V5, with a laptop running the app. I take my Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Solar along for the ride just to ensure this data is captured and calculated with my running too. I use a Polar H10 HRM. My bike is a 2020 Giant Contend AR 1. I currently have on the bike Favero Assioma Unos for when I ride outside but honestly with TR training and my own mixing in running outside, I’ve not gone on much rides at all outside.




One question that I have is that now that I’m on SSBLV Base2, I’m finding that I need to start a consistent practice of stretching after my ride. Are there some dynamic stretches that folks recommend?

This is what I’m doing now:

Calf stretch (One leg extended forward, the other stretching back)
Hip stretch (Kneeling on one knee, extending hip/chest forward on one side with arm of same side raised and bending to opposite side)
Quad stretch (One foot pulled back to glutes)
Hamstring stretch (One leg extended out resting on saddle)



So many here are a couple I like

Supine scorpion, thread the needle, windmills,
Cat cow, froggers, pigeon, 90/90s couch stretch. Some good yoga videos too out there on YouTube, I do a quick routine 2 times a day maybe 5-10 minutes each time, also throw some foam rolling in there.
Hope that helps!