Programs for Weekly racing

Hi all
My Crit season is about to commence here in Australia and I’ll most likely be racing every Sunday morning. What is the suggestion on the best “maintenance” program to use? I know most programs load you up towards a big goal, but my aim is to be at my best on most Sundays. Would it just be one of the specialty plans, substituting a weekend workout for a race?
Any ideas / experiences would be great.

Hey there Evan!

We actually talked about this in last weeks episode. You can listen to this discussion here:

Although you can race every single Sunday, it is really hard if not impossible to be fresh and in top form each Sunday throughout a season. Is there not a championship race in the series you are doing that you can target? If there is, I would recommend using that as your A race and then simply replacing a hard workout each week with your race.

If not, you could try to maintain your fitness throughout the season. Here are a couple resources that will give you information on how to do this:

I hope this helps!


Thanks Ian, very helpful!

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