Problems with dual leg pioneer powermeter

Hi there, i have a Dual Leg Pioneer (SGY-910H2 FW updated) and a few weeks ago during a ride he just stoped to send the datas to my Garmin 520 headset unit.
The batteries was changed, tried to pair again, but now he is just working in the left side. The right side is with a red light flashing.

Anyone already had this problem?
How can i solve this problem?

Best Regards,

I’m having the same problem, except the left side is dropping out for me. It’s at the shop I got it from, and they are trying to work through this with Pioneer. I’m guessing Pioneer will need to replace it.

Have you reached out to Pioneer support?

i need to write to then! I live in Brazil and is not simple send the equipment to pioneer… :frowning: