Pioneer + Garmin Issue

During BWR I’d get off the bike at the rest stops. Once I got back on the bike my Garmin (510) wouldn’t register power coming from the LT80 Pioneer PM.

It was just showing 0W and 0% FTP. I tried re-pairing and re-calibrating. The PM was found but I’d still have no data show up. Then after 10 minutes - 1 hour (the time varied) the Garmin would start showing the info again.

Kind’ve a bummer! I’m wondering what I could’ve done to prevent this. Any thoughts? I have a Lezyne GPS unit on the way but maybe its not the GPS unit?


Could it have switched modes? From ANT+ Single to Monitor mode? 1/2 guesswork on my behalf as I’ve only used L/R versions.

Any chance you can check the firmware on the power meter? iirc the ANT+ only Pioneer units need the CA500 head unit to transfer firmware (over a few hours).

Just a follow-up on this. So far the Lezyne is working perfectly. No drop-outs.
I’m guessing it was Garmin related

I’ve had the same problem with the new dual Ant+ / Bluetooth version, but I have a 820 and it has connection issues generally.