Pioneer Ultegra R8000 Power Meter?

Hey all,

I’m looking to buy a new power meter for my Giant Defy, and have found what seems to be like a good deal on a Pioneer Ultegra R8000 dual measurement power meter. Does anyone have any experience with these or other Pioneer power meters? Any feedback is appreciated!


Have some patience. You posted all of 2 hours ago.

Add to that, there’s only 3600 members here, and you’re asking about a relatively low use power meter (compared to more common options).

I wouldn’t expect instant answers or even too many with that meter anyway. I suspect there may be a few, so just hold on a bit. Might help to post elsewhere to increase your chances of hearing from active users.

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Check review and comments at DCRainmaker.

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I have a DA 9100 crankset with the Pioneer power meter. I have absolutely loved it when paired with the sgx-500 head unit or a Garmin. It has been solid with no issues for 2.5 years and the batteries last for about 4 months or 3000k in my experience. The only thing to be aware of is that you need the associated head unit to upgrade firmware or get all of the cool metrics the system is capable of.


I am using Pioneer Dura Ace 9100 on My Madone. When I bought my first one, it had hadware failure on my second ride. But they changed it immediately. I bought it via Since then not a single issue. Batteries are easy to change. It requires calibration before every ride as most of other power meters but readings are perfect. The only down side is, you cannot exchange between bikes.

I am so happy with it. I am even thinking to buy second one for my second bike.


I have had a Pioneer Ultegra single side unit for about 11 months and not one single issue. It just flat out works. All I have done is replaced the battery a few times, When the battery is low my garmin 520 lets me know. Only downside with mine is it’s ANT+ only(no BT). I will definitely consider getting the Pioneer dual sided when I’m ready to upgrade. I’m always surprised how little attention the Pioneer units get. They seem to work well.


Thanks for the input! I think I am going to pull the trigger on it, $700 for dual sided measurement and new cranks seems like a deal too good to pass on.

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I use the Pioneer Ultegra single sided on my gravel bike because I really just use that bike to ride and race vs. train – and I wanted just some baseline/directional power. So far, so good. Seem rock solid.


Make sure you get With BT. Then you can hook it up directly to TR without any connector.

And if you are a data freak and want to see how good you are pushing your pedals, wait until December. Pioneer is releasing new computer. They united their force with Wahoo. It is a fantastic piece of equipment. I can not wait to use it. Check it on

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Call me crazy, but I just don’t see a whole lot of separation between power meters these days. At least not enough to justify 2-3x the price in some cases.

I’m currently in the market for a power meter for my gravel bike. I did see that Competive Cyclist has a sale on Pioneer power meters, but those only really make sense if you’re looking for a crankset too (I guess you can send your crankset in to Pioneer to install as well).

Personally, I’m holding out for a black friday sale on the P2M NG Eco.

My Giant Defy Advanced 1 came with some non series cranks (RS510) so I though the Pioneer PM with the Ultegra crankset was a good value.





Now just needs a matching yellow cover. :sunglasses:

Right?? I’ll have to order one, mine only came with grey, red, and blue!

Question - when I zeroed with my Wahoo Bolt, I got some strange values - is this normal?

Totally Ok. All good

1 Like have them. Sure others do too. You could also just buy an old lotto nl jumbo pro bike to get one but a pricey :grin:

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Are you using it with or without the magnets? And if you’re using it without, do you have any issues?