Pioneer Gen 2 DUAL leg and Garmin Edge 520

I just bought the Pioneer Gen 2 (ant+) dual leg power meter for consumer supplied cranks ( 480$)

It was a big sale, so I went for it, and just sent in my Ultegra 6800 crankset to them.

My head unit is a Garmin Edge 520 Ant+ and Bluetooth.

I looked up some review on the powermeter prior to purchasing plus DC Rainmakers review, but I’m curious to get some of TR members feedback on this system with a similar head unit.



I’ve had the left only Pioneer Ultegra and also have the Garmin 520. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another Pioneer. It’s been flawless for this entire year. Spin the cranks as the 520 turns on, do a zero offset and good to go. You got an awesome deal.

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Thanks Tezz!
Not sure if it’s ok to say here or not but Steep And Cheap has them for 479$ send in your own cranks.

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I recently picked up a dual leg Gen 2 Pioneer on new R8000 cranks for $699. Using with Wahoo Bolt, but no issues so far.


The new Wahoo firmware allows you take advantage of the dual legs metrics too…

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I built my bike and initially had the dual sided pioneer power meter. I noticed about a month after having it (wasn’t dropping watts in that time :joy:) that it would zero out during sprints. Anytime I would sprint, power would get up to about 700 watts then zero out for a second or two then come back up to the 600s, completely missing the peak. In that time, I contacted pioneer and they had me troubleshoot some stuff over a couple weeks (they take a while to respond via email and their support hours are during my work hours) then would go out for a ride and wouldn’t fix it. And I hit my limit when I went out to do hill repeats on a short climb near my home where cadence drops to the 60s but not sprinting (usually 400 watts at most), and the power meter started zeroing out on that too!

I asked to return the item and they said I was outside of the return time frame, even after I brought up how I’ve been talking with them for weeks at that point and was inside the return period at the start of our emails. They said I would have to send the item to them to inspect for a couple weeks. Welp, I only have the one bike and the one crankset so that wasn’t going to happen during the season. They wouldn’t budge on it. About a month later, I ended up just buying a stages dual sided power meter. I reached out to pioneer to finally send in the unit to be repaired. They never got back to me.

In the end, I did a charge back on my Citi credit card in October, and I literally just got the refund taken care of a few days ago.

I will never deal with pioneer again. I had their single sided power meter prior and loved it, but I had no problems and never had to interact with their customer service. So if you don’t end up having a problem with your unit then you’re golden, but if you need customer service…best of luck to you.


wow, crazy story! Thanks for the heads up. I hope it works. What computer did you have and what generation dual leg was it? Gen 1 or Gen 2

Thanks !

What computer/head unit?

I’m not sure the Gen, but that’s the one I had, with the new R8000 crank. Running a Garmin 520.

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I have Pioneer Dura Ace with Garmin 520. I bought it from Actually the one that is currently installed is my second one. The first one just went dead during one of my ride. When I contacted the support they said I have to send it back for troubleshooting. I was lucky because it was under warranty and clever training replaced it with a new one.

Since then it works perfectly. I won’t hesitate to buy another one. I am so happy with it. It is connected to my Garmin 520 and do the job all the time. Never had a problem like mentioned above ( zeroing during the sprint).

I am even thinking to sell my Garmin head unit and move t Pioneer one as they partnered with Wahoo and have fantastic head unit. They have something like Garmin’s Cycling Dynamics but far advanced Thant that where they monitor the data from 12 points during the spin. Check this link

I have to tell though their customer service is slow. Their social media accounts suck :slight_smile: If you are not in States, you may not able to download their IOS APP because it is not available world wide.

But overall, it a perfect PM. I also suggest to read DCRainmaker’s review.

Good luck!



Wahoo Bolt

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I just got the ULTEGRA R8000 Dual Leg Power Meter Crankset (SBT-PM80 SERIES POWER METER). I’m having same problem.
I did standing starts running simultaneously PowerTap hub / Garmin 810 and the Pioneer with Wahoo Bolt.
PowerTap 5 sec 1250 W
Pioneer 5 sec 834 W with 0 Watt dropouts. Also noticed it takes 10-15 seconds for Pioneer PM to start syncing with Wahoo.
I run a Power2Max on track bike, PowerTap hub and Stages LC on road; the power readings are always within 5%.
It was US$450. I will check with support tomorrow but it doesn’t look good.

I get power drops from my gen 2 DA at a rate of once every 30ish minute when all the stars are aligned, generally more than that but not certain since I’m not looking my head unit all the time. 20-30 is based on indoor with Zwift and I have seen it happen during outdoor workouts (thought it was a fluke initially but the regularity gave me pause until seeing consistently on Zwift). Fresh battery or not doesn’t seem to matter. Had similar problem with my Stages single but never took the effort to document the drops. I’m so much happier with my Assioma Duo. Good luck on yours.