Problem with Trainerroad/Wahoo Kickr Core/Cadence

Hello all. I recently purchased a Kickr Core, and I’m trying to use it along with an Assioma Duo power meter, a Wahoo Roam and a Wahoo cadence sensor. I have no problem connecting via bluetooth to my iPad app, but after starting the training session, the cadence jumps straight to 255 and stays there no matter what I do. I was wondering if perhaps I’m doing something wrong.
I usually pair the four main sensors (Kickr Core, Tickr X, Wahoo Cadence and the Assiomas) to my head unit for comfort, and also to the iPad app. Any tips or help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

How are you connecting your sensors to the head unit? I’d check that you are using Ant+ and not Bluetooth. The Kickr and Assiomas both transmit cadence, along with your cadence sensor. So you don’t really need the cadence sensor. There might be some cross-communication going on. I would reach out to support first and explain what you are seeing.