Kickr 18 - Should I see cadence on TR?

I’m having the worst trouble ever getting my new Wahoo Kickr 18 going with TR.

One question I have… Should I be seeing cadence with the Kickr18 on TR without a secondary independent sensor?

I am getting mixed messages from Wahoo and TR.


Kickr only broadcasts power and speed. No cadence.

To get started, don’t use a bike computer at same time. And be sure to quit any Wahoo apps on your phone. Only then fire up TR app. Should go a lot smoother.

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Thank you for your reply.

I was working on that yesterday and now my TR app on the ipad won’t pick up the Kickr.

Here’s some background:

-Ipad is recognizing the Kickr on bluetooth connections
-Restarted trainer
-Re-loaded TR app
-TR is finding the S/C sensor via bluetooth

Somehow the TR ipad app cannot find the Kickr despite the ipad connecting. This wasn’t an issue last week. I have no ANT on either.

Any thoughts?

Bluetooth only allows one connection. If Kickr is connected to iPad on Settings > Bluetooth, then it can’t connect to TR app.

Use Settings > Bluetooth menu to disconnect Kickr. Then the Kickr can connect to TR app on iPad.

Bluetooth is confusing. It’s not a TR or iPad issue.


Well… dang. It seems that has done it.

bbarrera. THANK YOU so much for taking the time to help. This has been a circus.


Bluetooth can be massively confusing, happy to help!!!

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@bbarrera you beat me to the punch :smiley:

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Kickr 18 does come with a cadence sensor, unless you bought the core version.

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