Cadence Problems from Wahoo Kickr BT

Im getting Cadence via bluetooth. It seems a tad high like 10rpm’s high. Anyone else see this? fixed this or just imagining?
Using TR on a Mac connected via BT

It’s an approximation based on the oscillations in power put through the unit. So it can vary based on how smooth or unsmooth you are pedaling. It’s not perfect but it’s usually pretty close

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I don’t see any differences. Have cadence matched it to my Stages G3 R8000L and it’s normally +/- 1-2 of each other as expected.

Some have noticed spikes at the extreme ends of cadence, but the normal cadence range I use of 60-110 it’s been pretty much spot on.

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I’ve been using it bluetooth to my phone and ANT+(maybe bluetooth) to the laptop.

It always seems fine, I’ve not done a side by side with a cadence sensor but always find it a good approximation.

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Mines off big-time. My kicker core cadence readings are off by 10-25ish when starting an interval and usually settles in and corrects itself after 20-30 seconds. I hope a future TR update corrects it.

The issues is Wahoo’s to fix, because it is the data from the trainer.

TrainerRoad is simply reporting the data, so there is nothing they can fix.

Not a TR issue. If you track it with the Wahoo app it’s also laggy. Presume because it’s a calculated value it needs a few seconds to stabilise.

Don’t see a 20-30 second issue, normally correct after 3-5s.

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