Kickr18 & Core (18) estimate cadence without a sensor

I updated the firmware on my Kickr and now have cadence without using a sensor. It seems to work pretty well which is cool.

Some details here:

However, the Windows app wasn’t showing my cadence. Will it need an update in order for it to support this?


Reads like only applies to newer kicker’s.

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That is true. Only the existing ‘2018’ models at the moment (and the pending 2019 models presumably).
Hoping they push cadence back to the older models.


If you are using Bluetooth in Windows, make certain you aren’t already paired to another device (like your mobile that you used to update firmware).

I’m not sure if TR will need an update. Maybe @Bryce can check?

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The latest version of the Windows app supports Wahoo KICKR/CORE '18 virtual cadence when paired via Bluetooth, but ANT+ will not be supported until we rewrite the device layer.

We are also working on bringing Wahoo Cadence support to the mobile apps, but it has not yet been released.

If you are having trouble getting your cadence to show up when paired via Bluetooth to the production desktop app, please shoot us an amail at so that we can take a closer look :+1:.


Hi Bryce

Logged a support email a few hours ago.

Laptop doesn’t have Bluetooth, I’d have to get a dongle for that. I invariably use android (smartphone & tablet) over Bluetooth for convenience.

Would really appreciate this adding to the Android app. Would save me some battery life for the Stages powermeter! :slight_smile:



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Hello! I just updated the firmware that adds cadence broadcasting to my Kickr Core and I also updated the TR app on my desktop. However, the cadence doesn’t show up on both the device screen and the workout screen. Any ideas why it’s not working?

Thanks in advance


See here: Kickr18 & Core (18) estimate cadence without a sensor

You didn’t provide enough information about your setup. Only works using Bluetooth - not over Ant+. What OS are you using and are you on Bluetooth?

Edit: Source: dcrainmaker

Now note there are some restrictions as of today:

A) It’s only transmitting cadence via Bluetooth Smart FTMS
B) It does not transmit cadence via normal ANT+ power meter profiles
C) It does not transmit cadence via normal Bluetooth Smart power meter profiles

It works over ANT+ FE-C and Bluetooth FTMS.

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Hi all. Just wanted to give a quick update here. :slight_smile:

KICKR cadence was working over Bluetooth with our desktop applications using a beta KICKR firmware version that we were given a while back, this is why our initial messaging was that we supported KICKR cadence over Bluetooth on Windows and Mac. Just yesterday we tested the latest firmware version which was released to the public and there were apparently some changes which have led to KICKR cadence not working over Bluetooth with any of our applications, including desktop, at this stage.

We have made some changes, currently in internal testing, to allow support of KICKR cadence over Bluetooth on all platforms (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android). We don’t like to give out time frames as unforeseen circumstances can always happen, but I’d keep your eyes peeled for KICKR cadence support over Bluetooth in our beta releases sometime next week.

KICKR cadence will not work over ANT+ in TrainerRoad for the immediate future due to how we communicate with it. We are weighing options for this, but I cannot say if or when we will support KICKR cadence over ANT+.


So I updated my kickr today and it completed successfully, then in the wahoo utilites app I tried to check my cadence and all the readings had the searching circles spinning. My kickr is now detected as an incomplete firmware upgrade device that it is only visible in wahoo utilities and both my bluetooth and ant+ lights are off all the time so basically my turbo doesn’t work!
Submitted a ticket so will see what happens.

Just got a TR update on Android, so BLE and ANT+ are now supported.


No updates for iOS so far. :frowning:

Tested the new Android app against my Stages g3 and the Wahoo utility app. All looks good. The cadence is within 1-2 of the Stages reading most of the time.

Only thing I see is a distinct lag when starting up from the Kickr18. This is the same in the Wahoo utility app, and so likely a result of the firmware. I also updated the Wahoo Kickr to the latest .70 release beforehand.

Wahoo could do with making the cadence response more snappy. A 3-5 second lag is a bit on the large side, and with sharp changes in cadence I noticed the Kickr lagging behind the Stages before catching up.

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Also just tested the latest Windows App (beta) which has the Bluetooth (via bled-112 dongle) support for Kickr Cadence.

All works OK. Shows 0 for cadence instead of --.

Still the definite lag of 3-5 seconds while the Kickr calculates cadence, and it lags a second or so behind changes in cadence of the stages G3. Accelerator based cadence is always going to be faster than smoothed calculated values. Still, I hope Wahoo can tweak their cadence emulator to be a bit faster.

Maybe TR have some clout with Wahoo enough to get their devs to notice the issue.


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I’ve updated to the most recent firmware and Android app and I am not receiving any cadence information. Is there a beta out there?

It’s a small annoyance to not have cadence on my bike that lives on my Kickr Core (which the addition of modeled cadence is one of the reasons why I made the purchase a couple weeks ago). I could swap my Assiomas over every indoor ride, but that disrupts the convenience of being able to get a workout in during a time crunch.

Yes, Android app was beta. Got 2 updates over 2 days so assumed that they’d done the production version as well. Hopefully in all formats & versions asap.