Pro Road Racing thread 2021 (spoilers)

Spectacular race…just the heavyweights trading blows for the last 80km.

Surprised WvA blew himself up like that. He should know better than to pull that hard when attacking that you can’t get on a wheel when the inevitable counter comes. Dunno if he just overestimated his strength or what.

Deceunick gave a masterclass in tactics today. Kudos to Asgreen for being able to dig that deep.

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Welcome back Sagan!!


Wind, rain, snow and hail expected for Scheldepris tomorrow.

Welp…there goes my productivity for the morning!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Nice to stay inside warm and watching this race during Andrews

Damn. What a crash bonanza. Also very happy to be inside right now lol.

Flobikes once again doesn’t have commentary on the women’s race…unbelievable

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Looks like the weather has calmed down a bit for the men’s race…roads are dry and the sun is starting to peak out. Still cold, though…

Always amazes me seeing riders with jackets / vests, arm warmers, etc and short finger gloves (or no gloves). After arm warmers, long finger gloves (but thin) are the first piece of clothing I reach for when the temps drop below ~60F / 15C.

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Wow…after several races demonstrating tactical prowess, Deceunick - Quick Step made a big mess of that finish. Yikes.

Nice win for Alpecin - Fenix.

It’s interesting that most people seem to be following other races than Itzulia Basque Country, which today had a phenomenal finish. I guess Im the odd bird. :bird:

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Not at all. It’s by far my favorite 1-week race. Basque country is also extremely high on the bucket list, since I saw the race the first time a few years ago.

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I’m watching Itzulia too, it looks a must-visit place to fo ride But maybe not that final climb today - it looked absolutely savage.

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Brutal finishing climb in the Basque tour…and a great battle. Lots of back and forth.

Rog & Pog are just on a different level than everyone else. Will be interesting to see if they burn out in July.

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Agree. But in this race the difference is not as big as it was at the beginning of the year.

Yeah they looked really dominant, because nobody could follow there attacks. But they were reeled back in two times.
Still very clearly the two strongest riders there.
Also gonna have to give kudos to Valverde. Finishing third a few seconds behind is really pretty strong. I don’t see the guy retiring anytime soon :joy:

I also really loved the last mountain and the finish. Small, twisty roads, that were steep as hell… More of that please!!

Good stage today…nice to see Pog play the teammate and give McNulty his shot at glory.

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Let’s see if McNulty can hang on Saturday, that looks to be a brutal stage. I’m rooting for him.

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U S A! U S A! oh jesus pls give us a GT contender

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No time soon, IMO…but of the possibilities, I’d rate McNulty the most likely. Yes, Kuss is one of the best climbers, but his TT is too weak. McNulty is a more complete rider, but needs to improve his climbing.


Agreed. Sepp needs to put on about ten lbs of muscle to be a good TT’er, but that’ll likely mess up his climbing a bunch. If they were on the same team, that would be great!

yeah i’m torn b/c Kuss is a Coloradoan but I think I’d agree w/ this.

stage 6(?) is gonna be really tough for him too, now that UAEs in the lead TJV won’t be trying to patrol the front & betting that Roglic can take seconds on all the climbing is not a bad idea.

Pog looking in trouble though, 50s down on his teammate. Wonder if UAE puts their eggs in McNulty’s basket or lets Pog try to one-up Roglic

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