Pro MTB on a Mid-Volume Training Plan with Sparky Sears – Successful Athletes 016

Sparky Sears is a professional mountain biker with an unconventional path. With roots in classical ballet and her intro to the sport of cycling being enduro, Sparky continues to forge her own path with balancing a full-time career and training with TrainerRoad as a professional mountain bike racer.

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Thanks so much to TrainerRoad for having me on the podcast! I hope that everyone enjoys listening to this episode and that it encourages you to try something outside of your comfort zone - whether that is mountain biking, racing, or working on skills! If anyone has any questions please reach out - talking about biking is one of my favorite things after biking itself! :relaxed:


I’m so impressed with your courage to tackle Enduro so early on!! The thing that really shone through is that you’re doing what you love. That struck a chord with me. With all the races cancelled this year I was so pleased to find that I just love riding my mtb. (Though I’m just an aging amateur).
I don’t usually follow instagram, but I’m going to log on and look you up :star_struck:

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