Pro Cycling Thread 2024

If Jonas was going to be full strength at the tour I’d be questioning a lot more, but given it’s no guarantee Jonas will even be at the start then who knows, maybe he’ll get away with it.

Selfishly I hope Pog goes all out every day and puts himself in a bit of a hole so that the 3 way battle between him, Remco, and Roglic is actually a battle at all and not just the Pog show.

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UCI is going to UCI.

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Unbelievable…but yet, not.

Go after the organizers, not Pog.

That is just absolutely stupid… Imagine that would happen before Friday and pogi couldn’t wear a TT suit because of that… How can you go after the Rider if the organizer is providing the suit…

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But… But… What about his socks???

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When I saw the skinsuit yesterday, my first thought was that he had on the purple shorts because he was also leading the Points competition…to which I thought it was a pretty cool way to have him represent both categories.


Rainy dreary morning here so caught the finish today. Struck visually by the violence in how Jonathan Milan sprints. In the head on shot today he looked like a gorilla on a mini-bike. Surprised he didn’t rip the handlebars off.

Also watched the last few Ks of the finish yesterday. Pogacar legit looked bored to me, like he was toying with people. After people kept attacking and he kept effortlessly closing he shook his head in a gesture that reminded me of how I’d dismiss children’s antics.

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Great stuff again today. GC might feel decided but the stages are great fun so far :womans_clothes:


If you showed me the GC at the end of week one without context I’d feel like it was pretty much as expected, but it was an exciting start to GT season regardless. Lots of good stage finishes and enough team weakness from UAE to keep things interesting until the TT showed Pog deserved the favorite status

Battle for positioning within the top 5 and top 10 should be great the rest of the way, and likely good battles for the break will continue to be some of the more interesting watching (if only for the poor tactics by UAE)

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What weaknesses and poor tactics have you seen from UAE? I haven’t watched all of it so might have missed key moments but from what I’ve seen they’ve been pretty solid at all the key moments.

Their tactical gaps are exposing their weaknesses IMO.

They’ve really only brought one pure climbing domestique, so on mountain stages they only have two or three riders in the final twenty, at best. This leaves pog to fend for himself earlier than you’d want

You could see this in stage one when he had to attack for the entire final climb instead of being led into it by a fresh teammate. This was exacerbated by their poor tactics which used everyone except Majka prior to the valley leading to the climb.

In stage three they paced the final climb too hard and Majka had to pull the flat section in the middle of the climb instead of the second last rider, again having pog attack from a larger group than you want

When attacking on a mountain, if the group is still 15-20 you haven’t really thinned it out to just the top riders, and UAE has been unable to do this

Lots of small gaps, but they are piling up fatigue and mistakes most days. Likely won’t matter, having the strongest rider counts for a lot, but this is the UAE b team in the mountains

Was a pretty entertaining first Week, yeah the first place for GC is basically done, considering that the second week is weak, but battle for podium and young riders could be interesting. Also the overal stages were very good, the last 40k were nearly always entertaining and I think it really pays of to have some Hills in the last 40km to make it more interesting if there is a bunch sprint or not. I’m interested to see if Milan can actually win a handfull of stages this Week he should be able to, he is the best sprinter in the Field.

I assume Pogi will take another 10s Boni on Tuesday, then put more time into everyone in the TT, I don’t think Sunday will be hard enough for Pogi to have a big wobble and loose time, the only real stages were I see that happening are the 2 hard stages in Week 3 and if he has 3.30 - 4m gap it wont really matter.

He has his adopted second team though, Ineos, so its not reallly a problem.

I’ve been watching the Giro on Eurosport. Commentary team includes Sean Kelly, Robbie McKewan, Luke Rowe.

Such a difference vs Peacock’s Bob Roll and Phil Liggett!


Watched today’s stage… wow. Reminded me exactly of Stage 9 of the 1999 Tour de France. Just… ugh. Simultaneously amazing. And also, too far to the right on the bell curve that one cannot help but ask questions.


“The last thing I’ll say for the people that don’t believe in cycling, the cynics and the sceptics, I’m sorry for you. I’m sorry you can’t dream big and I’m sorry you don’t believe in miracles”


I’ve really enjoyed the input from Luke Rowe.


We’re getting there.

Well I think you can tick that prediction…

Who are you quoting…it’s tradition to include it at the end of the quote.

I’m more interested in who comes second.