Pro Cycling Thread 2024

But if the Jumbo / Quick Step merger goes through, I doubt Remco will be at the start in July…or of he is, it will be 100% in a support role.

Domestique Plus. More than a domestique, but not as capable as a Super Domestique.


I truly hope we can see Bernal back as a grand tour gc contender but the more time that passes the less likely it seems

His peak pre injury climbing performances are measurably below the current top tier gc riders. Well within his likely progression without the injury, but he’s lost so much time just trying to get back to his pre injury level that it seems increasingly unlikely he can get to the level necessary to compete with the current GT winners

I expect his current trajectory to put him as a mountain domestique, perhaps as an outside contender in the giro or vuelta at best

So Bernal has become Kuss. Ouch. (And I love Kuss)

#GC Bernal in South America?

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At best, likely lower than that IMO


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If I was a manager and the choice was Bernal or Kuss for my team, I would pick Kuss 10 times out of 10.




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Damn…Jumbo news popping off all over the place today!

Wonder what this does to the rumored merger, if anything? (Edit…will go to the new entity. Guess I shoulda read the articel more closely the first time. :joy:)


Wow! That’s big. Who “delivers” results? Amazon! We deliver.


I haven’t taken all the merger talk seriously because it’s seemed too absurd. Surely of any team Jumbo could find a new title sponsor without having to go to such extreme measures as mergers. On paper, the Ineos and Lotto merger also made much more sense given Lotto is trying to reinvent as a GC team and Ineos desperately needs a rising GC star.

All said, where there’s smoke there’s usually fire and there’s starting to be more smoke than I can dismiss away.

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I’m sure you’re probably right…but worth noting that Egan is YOUNG (which I forget since his and GT’s TdF’s feel so long ago). There are lots of reasons to doubt him, and his TdF victory was kind of strange circumstances (though lots of GC wins are)…but he’s only in his mid 20s, he’s not running out of road to get back on that progression.

Like we didnt get to see if he would be caught by the best descender in the race.

JA had a magical run but he was cracked on that climb and Bernal put three more minutes into him the next day, but sure, yes.

I guess I’m slightly more negative, not because of age, but because of lost training time. He’s spent so much of his prime growth years trying to get back to his baseline that it’s hard to imagine him making that leap at this point

I hope I’m wrong. Not only would I love to have another top tier gc rider in the mix, but losing such promise to injury is heartbreaking

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I’m not sure Roglic is old enough to join Israel Premier-Tech :laughing:


You never know, not like Bernal is known for his handles

He’ll be part of their new “youth movement”. :crazy_face:

Must be hard to Jumbo Visma to go find sponsors when their asking price is so high.

They’ve established a whole system that requires an enormous budget. I bet there’s a bunch of companies that would be banging on the door, but not many with the right number of zero’s.

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