La Vuelta a España 2021 Thread

While the TdF was exciting in other ways, the GC battle was not entertaining. I believe the opposite will be true for this year’s Vuelta. Starts in 5 days…So many storylines:

  • If Roglic is in good shape can he be stopped?
  • Ineos is bringing all the power, who will end up leading the team? Bernal, Carapaz, Yates?
  • Is Egan Bernal 100% after covid + crashing in Burgos?
  • Can Movistar (and Lopez) do something right?
  • Is Landa for real this time? Bahrain might be the strongest team :flushed:
  • Pidcock debut in a 3 week race


This is your list of favorites according to the betting public:

This is the profile of the stages

8 mountain finishes !!!




Yesterday the Olympic Channel started showing Vuelta 2020 reruns.

Except Martinez :cry: …it appears he’s injured after the crash in Burgos. Big absence.


Good summary! Hope Roglic and Bernal are both on top form and duking it out. And hopefully this time the Ineos multi-leader attack actually survives the opening weekend and we can see whether Brailsford’s big talk of more exciting and attacking tactics will come to anything. Having Pidcock setting the tempo up a mountain on the front of the bunch certainly seems like it would be a waste of his talents. Though whatever his role is it will be interesting to see how he goes in a 3 week race.

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Really looking forward to this! Have ridden the Picos and the big climbs on stages 17 & 18, so always good to see the pros ride them properly :rofl:

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tv coverage in the US? can’t seem to find much info. the official site says nbc sports, but there are no listings as of this moment on nbc sports…

Not sure about actual TV coverage, but it’ll be streamed on Peacock: Watch La Vuelta | Peacock Premium

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Interesting. is Pidcock definitely racing? It’ll be interesting to see how he goes/what expectations the team have of him.

Team support, or Stage win mercenary?

I guess he’ll have a lot of eyes on him, but at least he won’t have the same pressure as Remco did in Italy :man_shrugging:

Perhaps a bit of exploit-explore. Mainly, his goal should be to finish. H

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I hope it will be a good race…i suspect piddock will end up like Remco and not finish but put up a good show.

Never bet on Landa.

I’m interested to see how Mark Padun goes…

Will he just be working for Landa, or will they ‘free Padun’ :grin:

However, above all else, I’m very interested to see how Pidcock fares. Hopefully, Ineos are using their brains and have no definitive expectations for him. Maybe just stay safe and finish. Obviously, he is insanely talented and could win stages. We’ll know soon enough.


Roglič stated in an interview for the Slovenian press that he “is going to Vuelta without expecting anything” and “he can’t go there chasing a result with everything that happened”. “I will focus mostly on other things. I have shown that I’m good in TTs, now I’ll try to put together something as a whole. I’m going to Vuelta completely without pressure, everything that happens will be a bonus. We’ll see how it goes”.

  1. Yes
  2. Bernal
  3. Likely not. But his B game is pretty good.
  4. Absolutely not.
  5. No.
  6. Prove yourself in a 3 week stage race before we start talking about you.

Could an interesting Vuelta. Ineos bringing a strong line-up. I just hope it doesn’t end up like the tour, where they drop out of contention early and protect the leaders jersey for the sake of securing a podium place. With this many mountain top finishes it’s rather unpredictable. A lot of opportunities for things to go wrong for anyone.

I looked at the route for the first time yesterday, and I think a pure climber really could win this year if on really good form. While the 7km TT shouldn’t leave big gaps, that final TT could, and 7 mountain top finishes should really sort out the field. Really hard to see past someone from Ineos, but I hope Roglic and Landa are in for a great fight.

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I see it scheduled on the Olympic channel.

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Same here, on in the US the first three stages are on Olympic Channel.

However the Olympic Channel airings are delayed, and it appears you need Peacock Premium to watch live.

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grumble. anyone have good VPN recommendations? I pay for GCN+ already, coverage and commentary is way better than NBC…I’d rather pay for a VPN and use GCN

Mullvad :shushing_face:

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Pidcock is worth a outside gamble, depends how the rest of the team want to support the cocky little **** :slight_smile: