Pro Cycling Thread 2024

Interesting you mention this, after the World TT Champs in Scotland Geriant T was saying how the first 28 - 30km? (Not sure exactly how far but a long way), was straight and not technical, head down the whole first section using the white lines for direction and info from the car for obstacles, no looking up, which it why it was so fast.

What happened to those prism glasses for time trialists that change your vision 90 degrees - so you can look straight down and still see ahead?

The line you take depends quite a bit on the speed you’re carrying, so this may not be ideal unless there are no technical corners in the TT. Doesn’t seem hard to come up with a system to indicate barriers are going to angle inward or road furniture is coming up though.

Interesting rumor

I thought they were rumoured to join Ineos?

You’d think it’d be two small teams, not two of the biggest budgeted :man_shrugging:.

Not much in it.

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I mean, they named who would have which roles. I’d say that’s pretty significant.

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I meant the budgets / size of teams.

QS from what I understand have always struggled with budget or at least been very business savvy. Ineos or JV both the biggest budgets, ying / yang.

Not looked at the rosters lately but JV / QS makes little sense without contacts being broken. Ineos have only agreed a few contracts, but I’ve not keep myself up to date in the last two weeks.

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Imagine Jumbo sending Remco-Kuss-Vingegaard-Roglic to a GT together next year. :dizzy_face:


If TJV had a leadership problem at the Vuelta with just JV & Rog, let’s just throw Remco into the mix for GC leadership and watch the (^&)&*(&B show. Plus I can’t imagine Patrick Lefevre taking a backseat to anyone on the management front.

If this did happen, it would be the greatest gift to Pog for another tour win

Would it?

I think so given the infighting it would cause within the team.

Maybe he’d have to cover every infighting move, though.

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Great last KM of the European Road Championships road race today if you can catch the highlights.

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I’m not a fan of Lefevre as a person, but he is good for the occasional quip….


Problem is JV has no J for next year, so no title sponsor. How to pay all those riders and staff with no title sponsor is, well let’s say challenging.

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I think they are staying through 2024, unless a new title sponsor can be found…then they would exit early.


No surprise….Roglic definitely on the transfer market.

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Tour next year Pog vs Rog vs JV vs Remco should be good.


Roglic to Ineos would be great for them. Would love to see the current top GC guys go at it. I do wonder what will become of Egan Bernal. One thing I can’t quite understand is how it is taking him so long to return to his former condition? Will Bernal ever come back or is he on his way to super domestique status?

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