Professional Cycling 2022 Thread

Time for this years thread!!

Starting with CX, I guess since nothing else is really going on.

Both Wout and MVP are out for CX Worlds…looks like a prime opporutnity for Pidcock to grab the rainbow Jersey, given how his form has been improving.

Was hoping to go down to watch the races, but given the COVID situation here in the US and without WvA and MVP, my interest is waning a bit.


Bumping this thread back up, given all the racing going on right now……

Say what you want about the quality of the sprinting field in last year’s TdF and Cav’s stage wins, but he answered everyone today i the UAE Tour.

All the big names were there and Cav showed them all a clean pair of heels……and he held that sprint for a long time, too.


He was absent yesterday and he was whining about obstruction (without reason) in Oman, in that sprint won by Gaviria.

Not sure what whining about obstruction has to do with his current form. He was definitely obstructed but not in a way that was against the rules (IMO) just happened to get boxed in when he wanted to make the move. But in the video I saw he seemed to have the power to contest the win in that stage if his positioning was a bit better.

Just saw the winner’s stats 1140w for the last 19s maxing at 1400w after something like 160km and 150km the day before :open_mouth::muscle::fist_right:


they were going at 50 watts for like 25 minutes…

They did look like they were going very easy at one point. One of the riders managed to jump of his bike cyclo cross style and run besides it without getting dropped. Even though its still a phenomenal finishing power after circa 160km even if a lot of it was slow. Add that to the day before :+1:


Man, what an impressive ride by Ganna today…almost hung in there to take the lead at the top of a serious long climb. At first I thought there was a bit of “hometown officiating” going on, but once you saw the overhead shot of the finishes, the gaps were clear and deserved.

Pog just makes the whole damn thing look effortless…

More importantly, Opening Weekend is coming up…Omloop Het Vok on Saturday (I refuse to use the new name out of tradition :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) and Kurne Brussels Kurne on Sunday. Can’t wait!!!


Ive just watched the relive when I switched off the GC had been awarded to Pogacar but the commentators couldn’t be sure. Was an overhead more conclusive?

Yeah, completely…Pog had a clear gap to Yates, which started the clock running.

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Your annual reminder that this weekend is Opening Weekend…Omloop Het Niewsblad on Saturday and Kurne-Brussels-Kurne on Sunday.

Bring on the Classics!!!


Glad I decided to watch the Gran Carimo in Northern Spain. That was some finish, 28% (road sign says 30%) up to Mirador do Ezaro :open_mouth:

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Wow…what a dominant ride by Wout today. Made it look easy when he went on the Bosberg.

And Quick Step was an uncharacteristic mess….


I enjoyed the women’s one too and I was glad to see the girl doing all the work didn’t get done over :+1:


WVA was super impressive, but Van Vleuten hands down won the day. Was watching together with wife and discussed about her position in dragging a top sprinter to a finish which seemed like a sure fire decision for a second place finish. Boy did she showed everyone. If only it was shortet sprint, Demi would have won 9 times out of 10. Anemiek showed top class tactical accumen managing to win it.
Btw, Brandon McNulty is on fire this year and did 16min @ 6.5w/kg on the way to the win today.

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Haven’t had a chance yet to watch the women’s race…probably this evening.


I hope I didn’t give too much of a spoiler, its a good finish.

No worries…if I come into a thread discussing bike races, I got no one to blame except me! :+1:t2:


Busy race day, glad I had some time on the trainer to watch most of it. Book makers favorites won - but still felt surprising for both men’s and women’s Omloop.

However, UAE tour did not feel surprising - Pogacar looked like he was in control the whole time

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I quite liked the Gran Camila, especially yesterday’s stage finish. If you get the chance stages 1 &2 of it are worth a watch IMO

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