Prime RD-44 Disc Wheelset, anyone any experience with them?

Hi all,

I was going to look for a new wheel set for my Giant TCR in the new year (came with those Giant PR-2 wheels).
I wanted something lighter, faster, better, all the usual stuff, but still a low enough budget. Was hoping to get a new wheel set with tyres for under 1000eur. Also, was looking at going carbon and a mild depth, circa 40mm.
With that, I was looking at the Scribe inception Disc 42 for 880eur.

However, Wiggle has what appears to be an amazing offer for their Prime RD-44 wheelset.
The wheel set, Victoria Corsa tyres and sealant for 600eur!

Thing is, I cannot find any review or feedback on this particular wheelset. Just on their Primavera or Black Edition wheels.

Do any of you fine folk have any feedback regarding this wheel set and offer?

That’s the budget line of their wheels. It used to be that they had the previous generation of rims so they were pretty narrow (17c as of a couple years ago), but this looks like they’re not doing that anymore as it says it’s a 23c rim now. It’s probably the same rim as the Black Edition (now Primavera) wheels. Looks like the only difference now is it uses round J-bend spokes. There’s an aero penalty for the spokes and a weight penalty for the spokes/hub, but otherwise the wheels should be comparable to the Black/Primavera equivalent.

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Not these specifically, but have a set of Prime Attaquer discs that I have been happy with. I got a similar bundle deal tubless + tires.

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My winter wheels are Prime (albeit different ones) and they’re not that far off rims twice their price in terms of spec. Some folk report their hubs are a bit meh. Ive had to replace my hub but even with that they are probably still half the price of similar.

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