Prime BlackEdition Wheels

Looking for a some deep wheels for the Tri bike. They are in my price range and was wondering if anyone has any experience with them? Looking at the 85mm in particular.;jsessionid=NuQueDOM-GCVJHXGK2Ke6RRv.ed0f3a5f-3f18-356a-9029-97e31055a44d

Would end up being just under $800 dollars for the set.

Any experience would be great!

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I have the non-Black Edition disc wheels. They seem well built, finish is good, hubs are average. Biggest gripe is they seem to be on the big size. It is hard as anything to get folding bead tires onto them. Schwalbe One tubeless was an epic challenge to get on.

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I’ve got a pair of RR 50mm disc wheels… bought them late 2019 from CRC with a good RRP discount… I love them… it’s a really good bang for buck. I can really tell the difference when I’m riding them, much easier to sustain higher speeds.

they came tubeless ready already, thru axle hub. I didn’t have a hard time fitting schwalbe one tubeless though…

I’ve just placed an order for a 85mm rear disc wheel for some TT races I usually take my chances. 42% off on CRC.

I agree. Hubs on those wheels are pretty rubbish.

Personally, I’d get wheels from a different Chinese brand, such as Farsports or Yoeleo. With Farsports, you can customise things like hubs, spokes and even spoke nipples.

if you search out the hambini wheel test there are some interesting results on there and Yeoleo come out very well.

If you’re UK based i’d check out Just Riding Along’s handbuilt range.