Road wheelset suggestions for Giant Revolt?

I’m looking to put some road wheels on my Giant Revolt. The stock wheels that come with the bike are supposedly bullet proof but weight in at around 2.5kg, which seems heavy.

I really don’t know much about wheels. The bike has Shimano GRX RX-820 and I’d like to run either 35mm or 40mm tires. Not fussed on carbon vs aluminium.

What tire would be a compatible and reasonable upgrade? UK based and looking around £600 max.

What’s your budget and where are located? That should help fine tune some suggestions.

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UK. Probably no more than £600.

I’d love to hear suggestions for your budget. Seems given today’s bike market you can buy a bike for that price. But an upgraded wheel set? Not sure.

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Considering these myself

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Hunt, Scribe, Vel+ or ZED have stuff around that price. (Sometimes dependent on what offers are on)

I’ve got wheels from all of those except scribe and were all bought on the basis of being lighter than stock wheels.

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Any opinions on these HUNT 4 Season wheels?

I think I might have those on one of my bikes but I haven’t ridden them yet as they’re on a bike I bought off a friend which I haven’t ridden yet.

They’ve got 28mm tyres on them currently. He’s not has any problems with them since he bought them.

Are you going to be riding them off road, on road or both? Cos the giant rims are probably wider and better suited to wide gravel tyres and off road riding? So you might be better going for something gravel specific rather than a “just” a heavier duty 4 season wheelset ??

You might be able to find a pair of HED Emporia wheels for around price. They are 25mm internal and 30mm external. From my experience they were really easy to set up as tubeless. Depending on what version you get they weight around ~1600 depending on what version you get.

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I have those, pretty good for the money. Just be aware that they are hookless and there is all that conversation.

I wouldn’t consider that an issue for gravel in which you’re using much wider tires relative to the rim.

I wouldn’t consider those wheels if the idea is gravel. If I’m not mistaken, they are road only, not as durable as gravel-oriented such as the CXR-2 CXR 2 | Giant Bicycles Canada

I believe the op wants a set of road wheels for his gravel bike

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Thanks for the link, decided to get these

Price was good and most wheels from Hunt and Scribe are on back order

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