Wheelset advice

Just got my a new Canyon Ultimate di2 rimbrake but wanting to upgrade my wheelset to carbon 45-50mm deep. I’m willing to spend approximately £1000 - £1200. I’m looking some advice please. Thanks in advance.

Few friends have been on the Roval cl rims and like them and they’ve come from Enve wheels. I’ve had the campag bora 50 in the dark label and they are a great wheel. Currently I’m on Enve 3.4 with Chris King hubs but I would go back to a campag bora wheelset without losing out too much I believe.

You could get lucky with some cheap second hand wheels from people upgrading to disc wheelsets also so keep your eyes peeled. But if you want a new set try the campag bora ones out.

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I have some campy BORA WTO 60s and love them - the 45s should serve you well.

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If you are not partial to used equipment, I would browse the facebook and forums that have sale posts. This time of year, folks are usually in your position looking to upgrade something so there are a good number of items for a decent price.

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Given your budget, head over to Hunt Wheels. Pretty sure you’ll find what you’re looking for.

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Perhaps not overly sexy, but I find the Shimano wheels to be a good value (C60 and C40). HED Jet’s have also served me well (am running Jet 6 set as daily drivers). No worries about brake surface on either wheelset so good performance wet and dry.



Can happily recommend Roval CLX 50s if you can stretch your budget, otherwise CL50s are also a good choice. Wide rims, good hubs and very light weight.

I do think that most wheels at this pricepoint will see you well.

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I have a couple sets of carbon. Used is my preferred way to go as there is so much great equip out there. Not all of it is in your price range so Consider looking at Mercury. I found a NOS 2019 50mm set direct from Mercury for $600US. My other set is an Enve SES 7.8 and the Merc’s perform surprisingly well in comparison. If you can find an Enve set in your price range I have nothing but praise for them as well.

Gigantex rims with really nice hubs.

I’d rather have two sets of Farsports wheels with DT Swiss 350 hubs (£500 each).

I’d recommend searching Ebay or Facebook marketplace.

I was able to pick up a set of powertap carbon wheels with a power meter in the hub for $1k when they were MSRP at $2k. They also came with a set of decent tires and an Ultegra Cassette. The wheels were from a bike shop, the guy tried out the wheels and didn’t want them for whatever reason. But their loss was my gain since I was able to get a nice upgrade at the time when the budget was too tight for wheels and PM.

My point is that I have seen many other deals just like this on second hand market places, if you just take your time to search. Luckily if you are patient right now and take a month or two before purchasing you’ll no doubt pick up a solid wheel set upgrade for yourself.

I’m sure a lot of people are going to be selling their aftermarket wheel sets as they upgrade to bikes with disc brakes.

I’m a huge fan of Yoeleo Wheels at the pricepoint.

I haven’t seen anyone else simulate the Hambini tests, but if his results stand up, Yoeleo are a significantly better buy that Hunt at that price. If the Novatec Hubs scare you, you can upgrade them to DT Swiss when you order for about $125 a wheel.

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I get why people recommend buying used, but to me that’s a bad idea because you get no warranty with a secondhand wheelset (the same is true for all cycling equipment). There’s something to be said about knowing that if the equipment fails (or you crash!) you’re covered. ENVE’s lifetime + crash replacement warranty is basically unbeatable and helps justify the higher cost in my opinion.

But I also second Hunt wheels. I haven’t tried them, but I’ve read nothing but good things about them and have heard nothing but good things from those who have used them, especially at the price point.