Prevail 3 non-MIPS oddity?

I’ve bought a S-Works Prevail 3 from ebay, allegedly new and unworn. It’s arrived, and winner winner it does seem new and unworn. But it doesn’t have MIPS. I’m not being blind - I do know that if it did it whould be the more “subtle” MIPS Air Node, but it doesn’t even have that, it’s 100% a non-MIPS helmet.

I don’t mind, personally (I know a lot would), but I’m puzzled, as I feel I’ve never seen a non-MIPS Prevail 3 for sale.

Anyone know how this has come to be? Like I say, it’s not important to me, I’m happy with or without it, I’m just curious!

One thought I had was that they had a supply issue and made some batches without MIPS, but if they did I can’t find any article/forum/webshop mentioning them anywhere.


(In fairness to the seller he did mention in the listing that it was non-MIPs. I didn’t notice at the time)

  • Admitting I did about 5 minutes of searching, I am not finding a non-MIPS version… which might indicate you have a counterfeit item that is not a real Specialized one.

  • I am still looking as there could be certain markets where this is a real option, but my initial info points to a single, MIPS model.

MIPS in the AIR is just the padding. Its basically Poc’s Spin solution, not the yellow shell.

Aye, I did mention that I know this. Still definitely not present

Contact Rider Care, they’re probably the only ones who can confirm if it’s legit or not. Maybe it’s a sponsored / pro rider helmet or a pre-release helmet without the mips certifications or something like that.

Have done so now, thanks for the tip. Run it by the shop he (allegedly) bought it from as well. Both are going to get back to me.

(And messaged the seller as well, to see if he can shed any light.)

I should get a better hobby really :rofl:

Can you share a pic?

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Confirmed counterfeit. Returned, and I have my £120 back :+1: