NorCal Mikes Bikes drops Specialized

Got this email today. Is it Mikes drops Specialized or maybe Specialized drops Mikes? Anyway, I wonder what brand/brands will be replacing Specialized. I found it interesting they were bought by a Euro company. Not sure if that will have an effect on the brands brought in. Looks like Specialized will be offering direct sales…

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Hmm… I wonder what Team Mikes Bikes will ride now?


Pon Group (who seem to have bought Mikes bikes) also own Cervelo.


Been a big supporter of them for a long time and have bought many bikes from them over the years. Without Specialized their stores will change quite a bit. Given their new owners I’d guess Santa Cruz will continue and Cervelo will be a new addition.

That said neither of those brands have much in the way of product lines for the casual cyclist. Not everyone wants to spend $3,000+++ for a bike so they will need another brand to step in.

Not sure who fits that mold outside of Specialized other than Trek or Giant and I can’t see that happening.

Their cycling apparel is primarily Specialized as well. Big changes coming for sure.

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If I had to pick, I’d say that specialerized decided to drop Mikes, and not the other way around.


“Nothing is going to change around here. They like who we are and what we are and our culture and that’s what they want,” Martin said on the video. “If we didn’t tell anybody, no one would know the difference.”

Excuse me sir, where are all your specialized bikes at?

Seems to me like it was Specialized that was uncomfortable with the new arrangement. Shame.

I can’t blame them…why give your competition money to help compete against you? Pretty sure Mike’s knew this was a likely outcome when they sold.

This brings up the old dilemma for bike shops…do you need bike brands or do you make you store the brand that people want? “I go to Mike’s because they have Specialized and other brands I want” vs. “I shop at Mike’s because they have the great products and selection.”

In Japan, Specalized has been dropping LBS of all sizes (including those who sold tons of Specialized bikes) in favor of its directly-managed concept stores.

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If they pick up Trek, they will basically have the inventory of Summit Bicycles. AFAIK, Pon brands are sold through Summit as well.

Just found out it’s Giant and Scott for sure


Can’t see Giant happening here in Folsom as there is already a big Trek/Giant dealer not far from Mikes. I’d assume they have some rights to the area.

I guess anything could happen, but that would definitely create some local bike shop drama here.

The drama will be interesting for sure. Heard rumors about Giant getting picked up by Mikes a couple years ago. Two months ago I purchased a Tarmac from Mikes, got the email yesterday and to be honest was a little depressed having bought the 5 year maintenance plan for annual brake bleeds and what not. I’ve only had good experience with Mikes, having previously purchased a Santa Cruz from them.

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Specialized is going with Canyon’s model + company owned experience centers only within a few years. They are dropping dealers aggressively. You’re going to see one Specialized bike dealer per region, internet sales, and local shops relegated to service and which ROI accessories (shoes, saddles, tape, cages, etc).

They’ve weened all the dealers here out of stock around here in the prior years, and recently plopped a Specialized Store right in the middle of the high value customers - with 4 higher volume shops within 2 miles. Store Finder |



I’m guessing they will honor your plan. I know the guys in Folsom pretty well and they are a good group. I’ve been hooked up many times when it comes to maintenance and service stuff. Even paid for “parts only” several times.

Might help that I send them a 24 pack of micro brews every year around the holidays! Or maybe because I’ve bought 9 bikes for me plus a handful for my kids over the years. :man_facepalming:

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I don’t see any reason why they would not continue to service your Tarmac…

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I can understand why Specialized is doing this, but I don’t particularly care for it, and I don’t think it will be good for consumers (Not that Specialized should care about this.)
I’d much rather have bike shops sell a variety of brands that I can compare, rather than have them be like car dealerships and brand-specific. My local shop sells Specialized and (at least) Santa Cruz, not sure what else. I’d be bummed to see them go Specialized only.

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They must be getting ready for the new iMac, and iPic, maybe iDuro.

(Yes I know Apple already made an iMac :rofl:)

Sacramento is a little closer, so I’ve used it a few more times, but have also been happy with the Folsom shop. And Folsom Bike does excellent work too. We seem to have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to great local bike shops.

Yes you are right, its partly because I misread the email, and I’m taking an off season break right now and a little depressed about the amount of coughing I’m experiencing from the not that bad 50-100 AQI wildfire smoke. And a lot of other stuff that I’m having a hard time tuning out, both around the world and things seemingly within my sphere of influence like some new grass that doesn’t want to get busy living. Keep telling myself “suck it up buttercup” :joy: but its not working yet. This too shall pass.

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