Press and hold resistance increase and decrease

I would love to see , on the new software updates, a press and hold to get auto scrolling up and down in the resistance. Right now in Erg mode on IOS , I have to sit there and repeatedly push the plus or minus sign to get a wattage difference- it’s too slow as its small increments of a couple of watts each push.
Say I’m in Erg mode doing my training plan workout, and I’m loafing along on a easy workout, and want to very quickly raise the wattage from 185 to 350. (meaning change my 100% to 185% for example) I must take the phone in my hand and hit the intensity button, then tap over and over and over to slowly go up, same for going down.
A simple push for longer than 2 seconds and hold to get a fast scroll up and same for down would be very helpful. Or a slider that shows up on a side that is only there when you tap the intensity button, would allow fast changes. This would also allow you to follow Chads in ride instruction on sprinting …hard not to spin out at 185watts in a second…

Patrick Hover , Missoula Montana.

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