Predominant energy system for Ramp Test?

Just did a Ramp Test. 244 watts for Theshold predicted at 3.09 w/kg.
I was wondering what energy system largely affects this test. My SS, Threshold and VO2 are only 1-2 levels, so will working on these help Ramp more than Endurance and Tempo?

Ramp tests do a good job estimating maximum aerobic power (MAP), which is basically equivalent to going out and doing a all-out max effort for 5-6 minute. In other words, MAP is your power at vo2max.

The threshold estimate is an estimate from the MAP estimate, the accuracy is dependent on the ratio of your FTP to MAP which varies from person to person (and can vary for a single person within a season).

Working on your vo2max and/or anaerobic capacity can ‘rig’ the test to produce higher MAP (1 minute power). That along with FTP-to-MAP ratio can result in threshold estimates that aren’t really threshold.


True, I did a cross country ride this summer, averaging 5 or so hrs/day 6 days/week. Average weekly TSS 1000 to 1500 all zone 1 and 2. I came back to start my winter training, and the ramp test showed my FTP went down 4 watts. I’ve kept it the same as before and so far that seems OK>

That’s probably the best (simplest and easiest to understand) explanation of this that I have read :smiley:

My VO2Max performance has always been pretty good compared to my FTP which will explain why in the past if I dug super deep on a ramp test it would give me a number for knee I’d be unable to maintain in training.

I’ve learnt to modify my approach to testing and so far this adaptation has proved successful. :+1:t2:


yes, same here, did a comparison between ramp and 20 minute FTP’s a while back.
by default the ramp test will use 75% of your last/top minute power to calculate your FTP,

So for example, I did 415 in the ramptest, resulting in 0.75 x 415 = 311 FTP
At the same time I managed to get to 20 minute 316 watt → 316 x 0,95 = 300 FTP

reverting the same formula’s, for me (at least at that point in time) my MAP is/was 72,5% of FTP.

In training that means an ramp ftp most sweet spot is hard but OK, theshold and O/U are -hard- (too hard…) and vo2 is doable but hard.
On 20 minute FTP, SS is easy, threshold is hard, but ok, vo2 is easy…

But now with AT and levels, it doesn’t really matter, you get the right intensity within your zones, with the correct progression.

Don’t really care about testing anymore, been stuck on ~300 for a while now on LV, but depending on the available time I manage to get some levels up :slight_smile:

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