Pre-workout Supplements (Acute vs Chronic)

After listening to today’s podcast I wanted to address a few things that were alluded to, but not clearly delineated or described.

Some supplements are effective in acute doses (ie right before the workout), and some supplements are effective in chronic doses (ie supplements that are required to build in the system). The acute ingredients were lauded in the podcast, the chronic not so much. Caffeine and carbohydrate are examples of acutely effective ergogenic aids. Citrulline, beta-alanine, and creatine are in the chronic camp. Lastly, vitamin B was described as ineffective as an ergogenic aid, and I want to propose that it is also a chronically effective ingredient because it promotes blood health. In real life it’s a bit easier to get some of these vitamins, minerals (electrolytes), etc. from one mix vs taking everything separately, which is inconvenient for most of us.

Proper dosage is also very important. Research does support certain levels of each ingredient, which is another important reason to stay away from proprietary blends. Supplement companies often include ingredient in low dosage just to get them on the label. The analogy I use is: if you sprain your ankle do you take 1/2 of an ibuprofen, 1/2 of an acetaminophen, and 1/2 of an aspirin? No, you take a full dose of one (ibuprofen for me!).

Lastly, has an endurance focused pre-workout coming out in April and they would love it if @Nate_Pearson would be a guinea pig! No beta-alanine though as we think paresthesia sucks, but you can add your own if you want!