Pre sweat itch prevention

Here in the frozen upper midwest we are squarly in the dry air cold of winter. Every winter when it is dry like this, i itch horrifically until i can get a full body sweat rolling. On an easy z2 day this can last upwards of 30 minutes, and is so bad i have gotten off the bike due to the torture.

Has anyone dealt with this and any ideas for resolving the issue? Lotion helps, but not close to a “fix” l. The panic itching at the start can drive my heart rate up an extra 15 bpm.

Please help!

warm up indoors and see a dermatologist


Suntan coconut oil, spf 2 after a shower. Works for me on the dry Texas days.

start a lotion regimen. Preferably after showering.

I had this same problem in high school during swimming and water polo seasons. Just awful. Lose your mind intense. Good luck brother

Sounds brutal. Go see a dermatologist they can offer the best advice.

This can be very helpful applied daily, post shower, especially if a history of eczema.