Pre Breakfast Training

A study from Bath Dr Rhonda Patrick shared. Does look like it effects weight loss like some promote but does support insulin response and better overall health.

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You may find this thread on fasted training interesting:

Do you mean Doesn’t promote more weight loss.

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Interesting that it didn’t improve weight loss despite burning twice as much fat during the workout. Implies either that the pre-breakfast group ended up with better body composition (i.e. they lost more fat but gained or retained more muscle). And/or that the post-breakfast group burned fat at a higher rate throughout the rest of the day.

I’d also guess that both groups were calorie controlled (if they didn’t do this then very difficult to draw any conclusions from workout timings) which would also confirm that calories in vs out is the main determinant of weight loss. But for me one of the benefits of a fasted workout is that I find it’s an easier way to run a calorie deficit.