PR’s while fatigued

What does it say for fitness and ftp if you’re setting PRs at your weeknight crit while in the middle of training for your A race several weeks out?

This is a serious question. It’s got me thinking that if I’m setting prs that I’m not training to my full potential. Or is it okay to set prs while the fatigue is high?

One of the prs was 20 min power. So I did up my ftp accordingly(2% increase).

And if you’re a month out from an A race is it okay to up the ftp that soon?

Thanks for any insight.

Was this PR average power, or normalised over the 20 minutes? How variable was the intensity?

If you beat your best power PB on a steady 20 minute climb, then I’d definitely up your FTP for training.

If you got the 20 minute power with a lot of hard accelerations in a crit, that wouldn’t necessarily mean that your FTP has gone up - it could just be that you’re getting better at the anaeorobic end of the spectrum.


If you’re setting PB’s when you’re fatigued, if you do a proper peak/taper you’ll crush it when you need to💪


It was based on avg

Avg 334
Vi: 1.05

I was bridge effort. Little less surgey

Lol that’s what I’m hoping for :raised_hands:t3:

If you did that for 20 minutes then you should be looking at an FTP of up to 332 - i.e. 95% of the NP. That might be a bit generous but it’s almost certainly more than 317 (95% of Avg).

Of course the other caveat is whether you’re measuring turbo and outdoor power with the same device.

Think I read somewhere, maybe on TP, that best efforts are often after fresh for a few days in a row. Your real 20min PB must be a fair bit better :slight_smile: