Pandemic Induced 20 Minute FTP PR At 52 Years Old

By 13 watts going back to 2007. I’m happy as it tends to validate what I’m doing. On the other hand, a touch bummed as it took a pandemic to open my schedule to ride consistently and hit volume to elicit enough overload to make this possible.

My schedule will remain open for another 6 weeks so, I’d like to shoot for an additional 7W for a total PR gain of 20 watts. Cheers!


Congratulations. :biking_man: :weight_lifting_man:

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Nice! Good luck.

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Sweet! Congrats and keep hitting it, grab that next 7W and spike the ball in the end zone!

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So that would be PTP Pandemic Threshold Power. Nice work!!

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Way to go! Had not used structured planning prior to pandemic. Have increased FTP 18%.

This year I shifted my entire power curve out and up — with a lot of PRs — due entirely to pandemic training.

I hear ya, though, it’s a weird feeling knowing that I’m in the best shape of my life because a virus has caused global chaos and destruction. I guess I was being a good citizen by keeping fit & healthy?


Edit: I’ll add that this year gave me a glimpse into what perhaps could have been. I probably could have been very good in my youth but not that good. Glad my racing days were fun and not under the burden of performance.


I think old people (us) can push FTP’s up relatively high compared to their younger selves. But, there is no mistaking I’m not as fit overall as my younger self. The time I can spend above FTP or number of matches perhaps has fallen precipitously over the last 10 years. While I’m proud I did a PR I’d be more proud of a result as a result of the higher FTP. It’s just a number and I’m a little embarrassed I wrote about it honestly. What I’m interested more than ever is basically fatigue resistance. For example, at the end of 60 minutes or xxx Kjs what kind of sprint power/final climb segment power can I do etc…

Ha! That’s one of my main focuses for the 20/21 season. Even now in pre-base, at the end of a 3hr Z2 ride I’ll do the last 15-20min at ~80%.

Hopefully it’ll turn into something useful if I ever get to race again. Or maybe just more old man PRs. :laughing: