Powermatch - is ANT+ more accurate than BT?

Been using BT, and there is some lag , probably to be expected. Would it be better to use ANT+.

I had to stop using power match for my elite drivo because the lag made a mess of it. I believe some trainers (kickr) are better with powermatch. I do have a better erg response with granny gear as well (if you are in the big ring)

I have not done a bt vs ant test but I thought I would share my findings on other factors.

Quarq/Tacx Neo combo has worked great with BT and power match for me. I tend to use big ring up front.

This is a tough question - PowerMatch will always inherently have some lag because it has to continually work to adjust your trainer’s resistance to a constantly changing (fluctuating) power level. We generally find the Bluetooth protocol to be the most robust, with the exception of speed sensors paired to the mobile app (where we favor ANT+ since it updates more quickly). For your situation, I’d recommend testing different combinations and deciding what works best for your devices and training environment.